Best Bank in Myanmar

Myanmar's best bank

The best corporate and investment bank: The best bank for SMEs: CB Bank. Asian Green Development Bank Ltd. Cooperative Bank AG (CB Bank) First Private Bank Ltd. Aside from the bank, the main thing when opening an account is which currency is to be used.

The Kanbawza Bank is awarded the "Best Bank in Myanmar" prize by London's Finance Asia.

The Kanbawza Bank is awarded "Best Bank in Myanmar" by London's Finance Asia. The Kanbawza Bank was awarded "Best Bank in Myanmar" by London-based Finance Asia at the Finance Asia prize-giving ceremony: The" Country Awards for Achievement 2016" gestern in Singapur. Finance Asia, headquartered in London, is an important bank and business body that assesses and distinguishes banks.

Asia also regularly holds financial and investments forum and conference in local markets to support the currency area.

Kuhl-Beckert Bank in Myanmar won Best Bank from Finance Asia

KBZ bank won the Country Awards for Achievement 2017 at the award for the best bank of 2017 from various Asiatic nations presented by the London-based Finance Asia on 29 June: The best bank in Myanmar for the second year in a row. ├┐ Assistant General Manager of KBZ Bank Ltd.

The prize was presented to Daw Phyu Phyu Sein who gave a thank-you address at the Four Season Hotel in Hong Kong. Asia said that KBZ has been chosen as the beneficiary of the best bank in Myanmar for its great financial and bank services, which has the highest bank deposit volume in the financial and bank sectors, is able to offer the most commercial lending, has the most bank branch and the best client services, is successfully networked with global financial institutions, successfully opens foreign representations, contributes most of the country's taxpayers' revenues to the highest incometax and conducts various charitable and charitable work.

Between 2013 and 2016, KBZ Bank received a number of honours from various multinational financial coaches. KBZ received the prestigious KBZ Award for Quality and Excellence in 2017: Diamond Category of BID and the Best Domestic Bank and Best Corporate Investment Bank of AsiaMoney. Asia is a dominating bank and commercial agent, auditing every year bank and financial service providers throughout Asia.

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