Best areas to Visit in Thailand

The best areas in Thailand

Throughout the world Thailand is a magnet for travellers. We' re trying the best ones to get away. It is a good starting point for hikes in the surrounding area. Thailand is a fascinating cultural destination alongside its famous beaches. The two destroyed cities are great places to experience the time of Thai legends.

There are 19 magic and uniquely beautiful places in Thailand with fairy, dragon and blazing crags.

If you think of Thailand, you may think of Phuket's sandy beach and bright sea in Phuket, or perhaps of the bustling roads and splendid monasteries of Bangkok. But, deeply buried in the dark, there are many places in Thailand where, if you saw it, you wouldn't believe that these places even existed, neither in Thailand nor in this one.

Thailand has this wonder of nature in Ubon Ratchathani. in the northeast of Thailand. Its name derives from the huge number of boreholes on the subsoil of the Mae Khong River, a product of several million years of hydroerosion. These cliffs were cut into different shape and form by the waters.

And, during the drought, when the waters subside, these pits become like a mystic area. Attempt to visit early in the mornings or before sundown, not only the temperatures are high, but the rising or setting of the sun will give Sam Phan Bok the added charm and take you to another time.

P.S.: Make sure you wrap your own waterproof bag, cap or umbrella, as there are no shadows and the heat can be high. From Ubon Ratchathani on Highway 2050, past Amphoe Trakan Phuetphon and Highway 2337 towards Amphoe Phosai to Song Khon Village. Each year in January in the early mornings, a regular Udon Thani Provincial pond turns into a river.

More than 8,000 hectares of Lake Nong Han will be shrouded in flowering floral arrangements of either florals of florals or lotuses that extend the colour deep to the sky as far as the eye can see. It is best before 10 a.m. when the flower is in full flower, and when you are there to take pictures, be sure to bring your clothes in wih.

From Udon Thani by road, take Hwy 2 (Mittrapha Rd) to Kumphawapi. At Marker 26, Banna Dee - Nong Meg, turn to your right for 14 km until you arrive at the alley. Situated in the province of Bueng Kan, in the north-east of Thailand, Bueng Kan is full of nature's beauties, especially its falls.

In fact you can visit 4 breathtaking falls in one single afternoon - but the most spectacular in Beung Kan (or even in Thailand) is the Tham Phra Falls, also known as Monk Cavefall. It is not the altitude that makes this cascade amazing, but the vast open area of the river stone. In contrast to many falls that can be accessed on horseback or by trek through the jungles, the only way to the Tham Phra Falls is by canoe.

You' ll be riding through the lush greenery of the protected area until you arrive at a large open room with flows of waters that flow through large crags. I feel like someone intentionally constructed a aquatic farm in the midst of the jungles! It is so slippery that you can slip into the flat basin from above.

Because of its width, it forms the most attractive whitewater slope that will take your breath away during the wet seasons. From downtown Bueng Kan, take Hwy 212 towards Bung Khla District (approx. 26 km). Turn right onto Hwy 3024 (approx. 31 km) until you arrive at a park.

Then, take a shuttleship to get to the falls. It' s amazing enough how these solid and old (over 75 million years old) cliffs can lie on the hill 350m high. However, from the drone's point of views, these huge cliffs have shown to look like a whale group.

Whale minds rise out of the mountains as if to flee from their lodge to a magic world. While you may go on the rocks, be careful as there are no crash barriers and you should not go too near the sharp (and skiddy when wet) sides.

There is an extreme breathtaking panorama when you get to the top of the cliff (or the back of the whale), overlooking the wood below. Also in Phu Singh Forestpark there are many forms of rocks. From Bueng Kan City Center take Hwy 212 towards Nakorn Phanom Province to Tambon Khok Kong (about 10 km), then turn right towards Sri Vilai District, about 4 km.

You will see the entry to Phu Singh Forest Park. Largest, highest and most mighty are some of the words used to describe the Thi Lo Su Waterfall at Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary in Tak Province. In the wet seasons, you will see an infinite river of mighty waters that crashes down and creates fog that detaches from the falls and often forms a precipice.

From above the waters fall on different layers of rocky outcrops, surrounded by mossy and verdant saplings. Guests should use a pick-up lorry or four-wheel-drive. $6 US$ / about 200 Baht per passenger; $1 US$ / about 30 Baht per vehicle.

Just think of being on top of the hill at 815m. There is a cloud-like ocean that looks like a ceiling covering the whole area. Only a few crenellations of the cliffy hill see through - and you will see a sanctuary and more than 10 blank stupa on top.

It was constructed by the belief and resolve of the fellowship to worship a holy Buddhist reliquary on the highest hill. Admission is free, but we suggest a $3 US d/approx. 100 Baht bus from the car park to the second floor, then you have to walk upstairs.

The Guillin region in southern China is known for its beauty. Fortunately, you don't have to go to China to see the wonderful scenery - it's here in Surat Thani in Thailand! Formerly a calcareous rock massif, the area was submerged to construct the Ratchaprapha Dam (also known as Chieo Lan Dam).

Leaving the area with mountains rising from the very calm waters. Ratchaprapha Dam's most popular symbol you need to see is Khao Sam Gler or Three Friend's Rock in English, where a group of 3 cliffs almost form a ring, the tips seem limited towards the centre, as if three closest fellows are having a chat (and probably a round of beverages too).

Or you can stay in one of the swimming aquatic centres and just chill for a few nights. From Surat Thani town centre by road, take Highway 401 towards Ban Ta Khun District (approx. 42 km). From the entrance drive about 12 km to the embankment and jetty, where you can rent a skipper or drive to the motel.

If you walked in a thick, deep jungles full of big, high, winding roots-what would you do if you were like big serpents on the floor - and all of a sudden you see a small opening of flowers that leads to a swimmingpool with clear, crystalline waters? It is shining on the sea and makes the swimming pools look as if they are almost aglow.

One could think that in a few seconds a magic aquatic ghost will appear out of the silt. But the good part is that you can visit this Blue Lagoon in the Khao Phra Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary, only 70 km from Krabi City Center.

Part of the Shrine is also the Immaculate Conception Swimmingpool, a large basin full of pristine springs that flow down the brook. Waters are highly crystalline and reflect intensive emeralds. Doi Chaang Pha Dan is the highest point in Prae province in the north of Thailand. From a distance it looks like a dormant bull - and you can clearly see the calcareous rocks on the top of the hill.

Its serrated tip makes it look like it wears spike tops, but the Doi Chang Pha Dan climax is the mountain's highpoint. First you walk up the hill to a small convent at the foot of the summit. This ascent is quite risky, not only because of the steep cliffs of calcareous rocks, but also because there is no other type of equipment.

However, when you get to the top, the views are astonishing, almost outside this area. Enjoy the 360° panorama to see almost the whole provinces! Situated on a sandy shore in the Sa-Tun county, every day at low tide, the ocean parts and shows something very large and very enigmatic.

Its curvature is straight on the sea floor. Coming from the centre of Sa-tun by road, take Highway 4138, then turn right at 4051 (Viset Mayura Rd) and turn towards Bhan Bha Kun Kaey to get to the dock. In Thailand, the climate is not always warm and tropic. On the way to the north of Thailand you will certainly need to wear a bit more clothing, especially at Doi Inthanon a ka "The Top of Thailand" - Thailand's highest peak, which is over 2500 m high.

Due to the high mountain range environment, the Doi Inthanon wood is composed of flora and colder flora that are different from the remainder of Thailand. Near the top you can admire this wonderful scenery on the Ang Ka Nature trail, a 360 metre long path that leads through a lush verdant meander.

When you come on a chilly, misty outbreak, the mist will intensify the mysterious feeling that you will move into this magic forrest. Anyone who has ever asked what it is like to swim in the sunlight will come as near as possible to the Sangchan Falls - a moonlit cascade in the Ubon Ratchathani area.

The cascade is small, but it has a great influence when you see it. Freshwater flows through a large opening from the cave top down to a swimmingpool on the bottom. A whitewater flow makes the falls look like a moon.

It is best to visit at midday when the sundowner is at the same spot as the dropping sundowner. Irrespective of the weather, the sunshine that falls through the opening gives the already pretty cascade a magic shine. Even better, at full-moon at midnight the cascade is the most wonderful - when the lunar lights shine through the pit and reflect drops of autumn air that emit a smooth, gleaming and pure magic effect.

From downtown Ubon Ratchathani, take Hwy 2134 towards Khong Chiam District (about 80 km). Turn onto the approach for 13 km until you get to the drop. Not the only things that make Pha Singh Liao so impressing are the solid sizes of the cliffs and poles - these poles are as high as 50 metres and are regarded as the highest of Thailand's soil poles - but the singular view, where hills of debris are deposited on them, makes these poles look as if they were carrying a cap.

Coming from Chiang Mai city centre, take Hwy 108 to Hod (Amphoe Hod) for about 130 km. From Hod District take Hwy 1103 towards Doi Tao District (Amphoe Doi Tao) about 10 km to Ban Tan. Particularly in Lam Klong Ngu National Park, where you have to walk, crawl and climb through the woods to get to the caves.

When you get there, it'll be rewarding. Built by the hands of Mother Earth over million of years, the waters drip down the rocks of lime - these splendid constructions adorn the cavern rooms with various forms like a work of artwork. That'?s why they call it "Alien Rock".

Tham Sao Hin (Stone Cave), one of the Lam Klong Ngu National Park caverns, has the highest lime stone pillar in Thailand (and the longest pillar in the world) at 62 metres. From Amphoe Chom Bueng, please pass the Chom Phon Cave entry in the direction of Amphoe Suan Phueng for about 29 km.

Prachaub Khiri Khan, a provincial town in the south of Thailand, has a 10 km long sandy area. Sai Thong Tambon, Bang Saphan Noi District, Prachaup Khiri Khan, Thailand. That' s what you can look forward to in Pang Sida National Parc. More than 400 species of butterfly in their tens of thousands will be gathered in the Pang Sida National Parc in the Sra Kaew region from May to September.

In order to see more of these magic moths, schedule a visit in the mornings, especially on a sunshiny outing. There are also many water falls in the national park. Situated in Phu Hin Rhong Kla National Park in Phitsanulok County, Lan Him Pum is a rocky plateau high up in the mountain.

Looks like someone has chosen each clod and intentionally placed it on the hill - but it's all just another astonishing work of work. There are many natural and historical sights in Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park. The more exhausting the trip is, the more worthwhile it becomes when you are there.

You' ll know when you hit Mokoju Square. Located in the Mae Wong National Parks in Kamphaeng Phet, west of Thailand, the Mokochu mountain top is 1,964m. aboveseas. This lasts 5-6 workdays and requires a parking attendant to show you around. This is one of the hardest walks in Thailand, but the stunning views of the Mokochu mountain still attract serious walkers from everywhere to overtake it.

We have unveiled all the magicks we found in Thailand - so grab your bag, think of your magician and let's go! Please let us know if there are any more places of mystery in Thailand that should be included in the commentary underneath.

Birth and upbringing in Thailand and now on the road all over the world to get a new outlook on the world.

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