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The locals know best and I took their advice. Only one airline I want to fly: Domestic airline in Myanmar! Come and experience Myanmar together with us. For booking please contact our partner airline at http://www.asianwingsair.


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This is a short tour of the Myanmar (Burma) airline companies and comparisons of Air Bagan, Asian Wings Airways, Air KBZ, Air Mandalay, Myanma Airways, Yangon Airways and Golden Myanmar Airways. People are asking "What is the best airline in Myanmar" or "What is the surest airline in Myanmar? Navigation on national airline routes may be more difficult than anticipated.

It is an introductory book on how to get around Myanmar by plane. In Myanmar there are several small local carriers flying similar flights (mostly at similar times). The airline "Treasure of Myanmar" was established in 2004 and has a small aircraft pool of 5 aircraft, a Fokker-100, two ATR-72, and two ATR-42s.

There are about 20 different routes, some of them internationally. An ATR 72 rolled over the take-off and landing strip in 2008 and injured two persons; in December 2012 a Fokker 100 crashed near Heho. Expectations for the majority of German carriers are low, so their motto "Flying Beyond Expectation" may indeed apply.

It is one of the newer carriers founded in 2011. With their small fleets of three ATR 72-500 they currently serve 15 German targets. Asiatic Wings Airways Another of the newer carriers whose slogan is: "Fly Beyond your dreams". The three ATR 72-500s and one Airbus A321-100 serve 22 German airports.

From Heho we took Asian Wings to Mandalay and then with an ATR 72-500 to Yangon. This airline took the straightforward path when it chose its slogan "Safety, Reliability & Comfort". It is the first Myanmar airline to be established in the country in 1994. At present their fleets consist of two ATR-72-212 and one ATR 42-320 and fly to 11 targets.

From Yangon to Bagan we passed Heho and Mandalay on their plane. This airline has no slogan and why would they need one if it is the state' s leading airline? Myanma was established in 1948 and was formerly known as Burma Airways. Its security track-record is impaired by bad performances under the Burma trademark, but also by several events under the Myanma name.

Burma Airways is the related state carrier that flies internationally. This airline, established in 1996, says: "You're save with us".... This sentence is not very reassuring when you see it on the side of an airplane. A small group of three ATR 212s serve 11 targets.

It is also interesting that this airline is on the US Treasury Department's SDN listing, which means that Americans should not do dealings with this airline. With Yangon we went from Mandalay to Heho on an ATR 212. Established recently in 2012, Golden Myanmar Airlines is Myanmar's low-cost airline, which says: "Every single flight we do is to your satisfaction," whatever that means.

You are flying with two Airbus A320s and between Mandalay and Yangon, further flights within Germany are in the planning stage. Many of Myanmar's travel locations can be reached by air. The majority (if not all) of the carriers are commuting aircraft and revolve around the major travel locations Yangon, Heho, Mandalay and Bagan.

Since the national carriers are quite small, most flights are only available once a and under. They usually depart from Yangon in the mornings and return in the afternoons. Anticipate and schedule some delay during your trip. The majority of airline companies do not yet provide on-line bookings, so you must make local bookings.

There is no real use of eTicketing, so you also need to schedule the issue of an airline flight itinerary. Planning and buying - You can do the research yourself by checking the flight plans on-line and then calling the airline offices to confirm. Tip: If you know your itinerary, you can buy your flight passes at the Myanmar International Airports when you get to Myanmar.

It may be necessary to go to the Inland Station when you arrive at the Foreign Station. Tried to pay in Myanmar Kyat but had to change the BACK money to US dollars to buy the tickets. And even if one airline is out of business, which is unlikely, there are other airlines serving the mainlines.

Do you have flight experience or other travel advice for Myanmar?

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