Best 5 Star Hotel in Yangon

Yangon's best 5 star hotel

Are you looking for your own little piece of heaven during your next trip? Booking 5-star hotels & resorts in Yangon Best 5-star hotel deals up to 25% off, check out the best deals & deals when booking 5-star hotels. It was built in 1901 and is as impressive today as it was at the beginning of the 20th century. You will find below the top 4 of the best 5-star hotels in Yangon. A 2 minute drive from Thandwe Airport.

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The best five star hotels in Yangon

Shangri-La Yangon Sule is a 7 minute stroll from Bogyoke Aung San Market and Sule Pagode. Melia Yangon is in the Bahan area of Yangon and has rooms with free WiFi. The Belmond Governor's Residence is a colonial-style Yangon city. The Savoy has its own private patio and solarium.

WiFi is available free of charge everywhere.

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It is not very far from the international airports, only 10 minutes by car, situated at the crossroads of the street, but inside the building you don't notice the traffic noises. We had a very comfortable visit, the employees in the eatery made our meals very comfortable!

Very recommendable, although the reception was not able to prolong our staying for us; therefore we had to move to another 5 overnight stays. The Corolla has free WiFi throughout the grounds and provides lodging in Yangon. Our clients can taste the local cuisine. Mythical Yangoon Spacious rooms with private lounge, beautiful wooden floor, ceiling height 5m.

Accommodation in Yangon - Book a 5 Stars Hotels starting at SGD 66

Each of these 5-star Yangon hostels is a leader in environmental and recreational amenities and offers the best in Yangon accommodation services. In order to make sure you find the newest 5-star Yangon resort, we offer the latest rates as well as resort amenities and indoors.

Meanwhile, you will see detailled photographs of the 5-star Yangon property so you can quickly see if the hotel's interiors suit your tastes. Also, you can know certain locations and ratings on Yangon 5-star resort by billions of people. To find a suitable Yangon 5-star room with a small amount of money, please search by room name.

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