Best 5 Star Hotel in Yangon

Yangon's best 5 star hotel

Explore 251 hotels with 5 stars. You can enjoy your stay in our four-star boutique hotel. "Book 5-star hotels & resorts in Yangon Best 5-star hotel deals up to 25% off, check out the best deals & deals when booking 5-star hotels. Treat yourself to 5-star luxury in 20 minutes drive from Yangon International Airport at Novotel Yangon Max. The top 6 of the best 5 star hotels and resorts in Bagan.

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Burn wrecks five-star hotel in Yangon; 1 death

Rangoon: One man is dead and two were wounded after a major fire burst in a luxurious lakefront hotel in Rangoon on Thursday mornings ('19 October). A fire that erupted around 3 a.m. raged through the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel and ruined the top floor of the hotel.

In the Associated Press, the concrete floor and the first few storeys were also affected. Photographs and videos on public service showed how the fire swept through the hotel and the five-star hotel fumes rose within a day. We' re sorry that such a historical and nice place was totally destroyed," said a AFP eyewitness Kyi Kyi, who stood near the still smoldering remains of the school.

An eyewitness who wears a Htoo brand-name shirts owned by the hotel said: Officers said both of the wounded were sent to Yangon General Hospital. A wounded woman, a Chinatourist, had hopped from the third level and hurt her back. The hotel guest were removed from the building and transferred to other Yangon properties.

Most of the oldest parts of the Kandawgyi Hotel date from the 1930' s, when the area was used by a group of English officer as a rowers' team.

The top 6 of the best 5 star hotels and resorts in Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, known as the home of Myanmar's temple and pagoda, is always a popular tourist destination for hikers from all walks. There seems to be an increasing need for large apartments, especially for extraordinarily impeccable rest areas in Bagan.

Concentrating on the best 5-star Bagan properties and resort locations, this paper is extremely useful for those who have the above concerns. In a nice hotel called Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan, travellers may think they are in a castle in a contemporary world.

It' s very impressing to see the beautiful structure and the modern interior of the hotel. There is a large and breathtaking indoor and outdoor pools where clients can not only refresh themselves in cold, clear waters, but also enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding area. You can' t expect more in a hotel of incredible perfection like the Gracious Bagan Hotel.

In addition to an unbelievable morning snack with a large selection of delicious and eye-catching meals, the hotel provides free bicycles for guests to take brief excursions and discover interesting regional history. They say Thurizza Hotel Bagan loves a secret jewel in Bagan. Situated in a quiet outskirts of Bagan, but it is very easily reachable to the major sights such as couples, diners and gift stores by a few minutes walking distance.

There is such a comfortable ambience in this residential building that a large number of clients appreciate this website. This room is well designed to make the travellers feel at home. One of the main reasons for the Royal Bagan Hotel trademark could be its architecture, which is a marvellous blend of old, conservative Myanmar and contemporary architecture.

It' s immense out of the expectations to take a break in this hotel, where everything seems to be perfectly organised. The Bagan Umbra Hotel has been rated as offering great value for a large number of visitors who have visited this site at least once.

However, with the affordable price, travellers can enjoy many great experiences such as the breathtaking swimming pools, the spas, the fantastic restaurants. The enviable position near the temple and places of interest means that the Bagan Umbra Hotel is constantly being strongly chased. When you want to flee the heart of the town, and are looking for a cosy hotel to relax in, the Sky View Hotel is definitely the ideal place to consider.

Located on the outskirts of Bagan, the Sky View Hotel is like a place of heaven where visitors can find serenity. With the great diligence and professionality of the staff, travellers should not hesitate to contact them, as they are also very enthusiatic and amiable.

Reception staff are very willing and willing to do this for you every day, so promise a great stay at the Sky View Hotel.

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