Bergamo Upper Town

Mountainamo Upper Town

Majestic, imposing: it is the most popular Bergamo temple. Majestic, imposing: it is the most popular Bergamo temple. Bergamo's most relaxed and scenic city! Don't miss the breathtaking scenery from this unbelievable place, along with the birthplace of Gaetano Donizetti! Discover the hearts of the mighty Veneto fortresses around Città Alta!

It is a collection of arts and beauties in the centre of the Città Alta.

Each detail in this edifice will surprise you with its unbelievable elegance: come and see it! I fled, just like an owl..." is a slab of stone in the house where Gaetano Donizetti was born. Situated in the centre of Oberbergamo, the Hauptstraße is full of historic craft stores and a beautiful eatery where it seems as though the clock has stood still.

The construction resulted in eight ex-communications by the locals, but it was rewarded: today the solid defence walls of Bergamo are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It' the upper town centre, Città Alta. A XIX century architectonic gem, tucked away in the historic Via Colleoni houses, in the upper town, the final ceremony of noblemanship.

Mountainamo Upper Town - Review of La Citta Alta, Bergamo, Italy

You can take the Milan Central Railway from Milan, the price of the tickets is almost 6 euros, the trains depart every other hour, the last at 11am. Coming to Bergamo it is very lovely and I suggest you to go up the hill on foot, so buy a pass to get to the upper part of the town where you will find the chapel and the museums and the beautiful Resturante.

It' s better to go the way down and not take the downrain. Take a coach to Città Alta and stay there for a few hrs, wandering around. It'?s a beautiful area, and I have to make a stop in Bergamo. The Citta Alta is unaffected by aging. Situated high above Bergamo with city ramparts, it offers spectacular access to this historical centre with magnificent dining and shopping.

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