Otel Berfin has free WiFi and air-conditioned room in Dalyanköy. BEFFIN - Procurement of the most exquisite foodstuffs Southafrika has a good name as an exporting country of high qualitiy groceries, which goes back to the Dutch East India company's famous merchant vessels, which saw the full scope of the "Fairest Cape" and its fruitful soil for the first time. We Ber?n is conveniently located between historical vineyards and wonderful fruit gardens near Cape Town to carry on a proud heritage as one of South Africa's premier grocery retailers.

Today Berfin is active in 30 different Asian and European markets and has access to our strong network of contacts. For more than 20 years, Berfin has worked closely with domestic producers, distributors, supermarkets and other retailers to ensure that the business remains in contact with the latest developments in the grocery in-store.

Now Berfin is part of the Libstar Group with interests in FMCG manufacturers and distributors in the markets of foods and beverages, home and body hygiene. Libstar Group focuses on the supply of the privatelabel segment to major retail outlets, the production of brands for manufacturers of consumer goods and its own brands for the catering trade.

Customers are all the big retail and wholesale dealers on the Southern Africa markets, Canada, USA as well as large brands and supermarkets both in terms of product qualitiy and package. Exporting to 30 different markets around the world, Berfin is able to provide an extraordinary product portfolio, building on established and long-term relations with the best Latin Africa-supplier.

We are a reliable supplier of the best brands and brands of the best local produce in Africa. BERFRIN is a high qualified and serious enterprise, which is able to wrap, procure and supply own brands for every kind of top brand. Our comprehensive offer of contract and sole distributors enables us to produce tailor-made systems according to your specifications and requirements for the region for which you need them.

To ensure the best possible nutrition, beverage and winemaking from our accredited growers to meet your needs and tastes, and to ensure the best possible qualitiy, ethics and sustainability. Development: We adapt to your special needs. In cooperation with our certificated vendors we are developing high-quality assortments for your production criterions.

PLASTIC: We adapt your packing needs through our team of highly qualified design and packing producers. SUPPLIER: Our comprehensive worldwide delivery service enables us to ship the packed goods on schedule and within the specified delivery periods worldwide. As a regular exhibitor at major grocery fairs, Berfin displays Latin American produce and selects the creams that the remainder of the globe has to choose for imports to domestic market.

BERFRIN has its own comprehensive infra-structure, local storage, its own dispatch and logistics departments and its own technicians. Our position enables us to deal efficiently with all facets of global commerce.

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