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The most widely read daily newspaper in Calcutta. Newspaper based in Kolkata, West Bengal. The Bengali newspaper in Kolkata. Immediately book an ad in any Bengali newspaper for marriages, real estate, vacancies, advertisements. Attractive discounts for Bengali newspaper ads.

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Ananda Bazaar Patrika is a Bengali paper from Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai by ABP Pvt Ltd. It has the biggest print run for a unique local tongue with 1,130,167 in all. Booking classified ads in Anandabazar Patrika for publicity in West Bengal. The Dainik Sambad is a Bengali paper from Agartala, West Bengal, India.

The Bengali Daily is the number one northeastern daily by Dainik Jugasankha, edited by Silchar, Guwahati & Dibrugarh. Prothom Alo from Dhaka is one of the most beloved Bengali papers in Bangladesh. The majority of visitors to Prothom Alo choose to place classified ads in order to get through to audiences all over Bangladesh.

Yugantor is one of the most beloved papers in Bangladesh. This Bengali paper is mainly read by the country's peasant people. That is why Jugantor is a favourite option for advertisements in Bangladesh. Daily Ittefaq (Dainik Ittefak) is Bangladesh's leading local newpaper.

The Bengali paper has proven to be the first option for classifieds in Bangladesh's papers. Uttar Banga Sambad was founded in 1980 and was the first day paper in West Bengal to be issued from outside Kolkata. Soon it was adopted as the voice of North Bengal and today Uttar Banga Sambad is the biggest paper in North Bengal.

Egg Samay is a premier Bengali paper in West Bengal. A new Bengali daily from the Times of India. It is distributed in all the larger towns and has a large print run. Because it has a high level of awareness of the market, this is the paper that is preferred by advertising companies for the publication of Classifieds.

Preatibadi Kalam is a premier Bengali paper in Tripura, Agartala. The paper provides news on issues such as sport, recreation, health and lifestyles both locally and nationally. A Bengali paper from Agartala, Katha Desher is a Bengali city. The paper features stories on sport, recreation, education, healthcare & life style and hard-core news.

In this way you can contact different ages by posting an ad in this paper. The Bangladesh Pratidin leads the nation's most widely read tabloid. This is one of the most prestigious classifieds papers in Bangladesh. is a Bengali paper from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In addition to the publication of news headlines, this paper also features reports on sport, fun, education, healthcare & lifestyles and so on. Bhor Kagoj is a beloved Bengali bilingual paper from Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you place an ad in this paper, you can get the million in one go. The Chittagong-based paper is one of the most beloved Bengali papers in Bangladesh.

The majority of marketers choose to place classifieds in Purbokone to appeal to consumers across the state. The Daily Korotoa is a Bengali speaking paper from Bagura, Bangladesh. They publish all kinds of adverts such as classed text adverts, classed display or columns as well as display adverts in different catagories.

The Rupashi Bangla is a premier Bengali paper in Bangladesh. It' distributed in the big towns and has a large audience. You advertise in this paper to get to millions now. Kagoj is a premier Bengali speaking paper from Comilla, Bangladesh. This way you can post classifieds in Comillar Kagoj and get plenty of feedback from South-Asia.

Bangla Sunshine is the biggest Bangla paper in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Newspapers include Rajshahi City news, national/international news histories, sport news, amusement and newsroom. The Bengali paper Ekdin is from Kolkata, Durgapur and Siliguri. A Bengali paper from Calcutta, Pratidin is distributed in India's large metropolises.

It is a very favourite among Bengali homes. aaikaal ( "aajkaal. in") is a Bengali paper from Kolkata, India. It has several issues that appear in Kolkata, Siliguri and Agartala at the same time. It was founded in 1981 by Abhik Kumar Ghosh. Sri Gour Kishore Ghosh was the newspaper's first editorialist.

It was recently taken over by Mr. Satyam Roy Chowdhury. Abichar Dainik - Silchar is a Bengali daily paper. It' a paper in the general interest group. There' re three Bengali newspapers in Silchar. Abichar Dainik - Silchar is the second Bengali General Interest Newspapers.

Tripura's first widely distributed day-to-day paper in the state and the neighbouring northeastern state. The Syandan Patrika (Bengali: ?????) is an Indian-Bengali based day paper from Tripura, India. A Bengali paper from Silchar, Assam, India. Prasanga is the biggest Bengali paper with the highest circulations in the Barak Valley and in Assam as a separate issue of Silchar.

A Bengali daily newspaper from Calcutta, Arthik Lipi has gained a great popularity. Biggest INS-accredited advertising agent for Bengali Newspaper. Guarantees the lowest prices for any Bengali newspaper. Helping experts to select the right Bengali newspaper. An extensive Bengali newspaper selection.

To place your ad in a Bengali newspaper, you must adhere to the given easy process: 1 ) Choose newspaper, ad type, category: Choose your Bengali newspaper of choice, your ad type - text classification, ad classification or ad, and then choose the desired categories - marriage, referral, real estate, obituaries, shop, cancellation, etc. to see prices and discounts package.

Improve the Bengali Newspaper display by using tics, colours, fonts, etc. You must now choose the date on which you wish to place the ad in the Bengali newspaper of your choice. You are willing to have your ad posted on the above date.

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