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  • Ben Gale.

He has served at the BBC as Commissioning Editor for Features, Director of Programmes for Channel 5 and worked in the freelance industry for Maverick, Wall-to-Wall and Lion TV. Previously he was editor of the first Who Do You Think You Are? and executive producer of the BBC for the first Bafta winner of' The Choir.

He/she hired hit artists such as Don't Tell the Bride, The Real Hustle and Nigella Express. During his tenure as director of BBC Bristol Factual, he was in charge of the development of DIY SOS: The Big Build, the release of Nigel Slater on BBC ONE and the multi-award-winning BBC TWO Project. During his time as Program Director at Maverick, Ben Executive produced BBC Three's Grow Up Down's, which won the groundbreaking program at the CDN Awards and was shortlisted for an international Emmy.

He and Natasha Bondy start independent

Former programme manager Ben Gale of Maverick TV and ex-Princess Productions executive Natasha Bondy have joined forces to release an objective indies. Maverick' s former program manager Gale will take over the role of CEO, while Bondy, who was most recently Princess' Princess' H Q of Factory Theatre, will become the company's creativity managge.

Mr. Gale and Mr. Bondy have already worked together at Maverick and the BBC. Gale was BBC Bristol's BBC Bristol Principal of Factory for three years before coming to Maverick to oversee shows such as DIY SOS: The Big Build. He also had a short time as Program Manager on Channel 5 in 2008 and before that he was BBC Representative and ordered shows like Don't Tell The Bride, The Real Hustle and Nigella Express.

She was a BBC production and directing artist where she won a Bafta for the BBC2 television show Back to the Floor in 1999. Mr. Bondy was also the leader of property design for the Talkback Thames entity now known as Boundless.

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