Beka Series 30

Beacon series 30

Become a Beka Series - Sarah Anne Sumpolec All five of the Becoming Beka series are included in this set: On The Masquerade, Beka Madison's "good girl" has been falling apart since her mother's sad demise. A gripping tale about a teenager girl's fight with self-discovery and the revelations that the reality is liberty. Beka goes back to the alliance with a newly discovered belief, but this belief is examined earlier than anticipated. While spending quality leisure with the ecclectic theatre group, she is drawn further into her relationship with Gretchen, who is intrigued by the occult and Beka is convinced that there is no damage in the tart otts, crystal and magic poems in which her group of acquaintances attempts themselves.

She is also struggling in her expanding relationships with Mark, who puts pressure on her to stay with him behind her father's back. Amidst all these changing coalitions, Beka must choose where her real loyalty lies. In a community retreat Beka gets to know Josh better, but she gets to know that although she loves him, his collegiate choices can put a spanner in her woman.

Disconcerted about her relation to Josh, Beka Mark looks for comfort. As Mark tries to get physically involved with Beka, she thinks about pure. At The Reveal, after a full working and teaching year, Beka spent ten nights in Haiti before going into her year. Beka is in for a surprise when she faces Gretchen after her two-month probation.

and crankier. Beka returned to The Encore for the last term of her graduation year and quickly got into difficulties. She composed and recited a hymn that insulted a classmate and the headmaster accused Beka and her instructor Mr. Thompson. Meanwhile, she's caught between two different types, Mark and Josh.

As she gets ready for her father's forthcoming marriage, Beka is distressed to know that the familiy will move out of her home and into her father's one. Beka is soon overcome with choices, with options to subscribe to a recording deal and move to LA after completion.

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