Bed and Breakfast Yangon

Yangon Bed and Breakfast

Make yourself at home in Yangon by choosing from our wide range of atmospheric B&Bs. Lots in Yangon and Myanmar, so you should use spray to defend yourself. South Yangon Garden Home Bed And Breakfast is a great place to stay. Yangon City Backpacker Bed and Breakfast, Myanmar: You can book Backpacker Bed and Breakfast.

Backpackers Bed and Breakfast

In the guest rooms only guest registrants are permitted. All fees provided by this accommodation are inclusive. Beautiful and peaceful lodging with decent bed. Breakfast was really good. The room has a beautiful panoramic terrace and free beverages are always available in the cafeteria.

I am very satisfied with what the resort has provided for the cost I payed, this resort would suggest. Located on the first and second levels in a multi-storey house in the county of India and near Chinatown and Sule Pagode. 1. The ground level is divided into two levels for rooms and a small area for breakfast and tea, so they have a 5'6" high room, while the regular room does not have much room in the height.

The two twin bed were folded to make the king-size bed, and the bed was of good qualitiy and comfy. The Aircon is quite powerful and the flow heaters are intact. There are two types of breakfast dishes offered every day, which are prepared gently but have no room during the rush hour at 9:30 am.

If you are in your room on the same level of the breakfast area, you can be woken up early in the mornings by the sound of your crotch. What a great place! This was definitely the best place to spend the night during our journey in Myanmar. They were the most clean rooms we had seen in Myanmar, very convenient and there was free hot and cold running pool, free hot and cold running hot and free hot running hot and cold running hot, and free hot and cold running hot and cold running hot.

We had free breakfast too, but we went too early to see it. We' dumped a cab right from our doorstep every time we walked out.

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