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On the brink of becoming an important destination in Myanmar. Burma is an undiscovered and up-and-coming destination in Southeast Asia. Or in other words, it is a must. Talking about Myanmar, you may only remember the ancient temples, the misty mountains and the rich culture. Burma is a country rich in history, culture, customs and tradition.

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Although not as well known as Shwesandaw, this is the most interesting of the three famed Myanmar cedars. There is a stone pahtos under the stupa showing glassy motifs, painting of Tungoo Myanmar monarchs and a giant Buddha seated in the face of bronce and silvery in regal dress. There are planetary Buddha for certain planets around the picture, which correspond to the weekdays, and an order usually reserved for Stupas.

Small Myanmar Buddhas, some of them old, are exhibited in display cases..... Approximately 8 km eastern of the Aung San sculpture in the neighboring Myanmar town of Hmawza, this antique site, known to Pali-Sanskrit researchers as Sri Ksetra, is a vast pyu town located in the area from the fifth to the ninth cent.

Its origins are linked to the mythic Myanmar king Dattabaung, who allegedly worked with Myanmar owls and other miraculous beings to construct the "magic city" in 443 BC. Myanmar's tall standing sidepagoda is located on the highway to Thayekhittaya, about 1.5 km eastwards of Myanmar's Pyay coachport. The Payagyi Paya was one of the four edges that defined the antique Myanmar here, her boobs are slightly puffy, with some growth of growth from fissures in the visible mudbricks.

Siwesandaw Para is located on a hillside in the center of Pyay Myanmar, the breathtaking Siwesandaw Para is not only Pyay's greatest attraction, but also one of the largest buddhistic places of worship in Myanmar. Slightly more than 1m higher than the headedi in Yangon's Shwedagon call it Shwe-D Myanmar Shwesandaw Swoopa follows the classical Myanmar Burma style in Bagan's Shwezigon.

The Myanmar legend says that it was constructed by some Myanmar traders in 589 BC..... Pyay is a tranquil, stupa-covered city on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy in Myanmar, 294 km northern of Yangon Myanmar. Situated at the intersection for rough westbound coach trips to Ngapali Beach in Myanmar, and less rough northbound coach trips to Bagan, Myanmar's major touristic destination.

Throughout the years, it has seen virtually more archeologists than travellers, due to the much unearthed old Pyu capitol Myanmar Thayekhittaya, 8 km to the east. Pyay can fill a good morning with the remains, the mountain peaks of Myanmar..... Somewhat beyond Myanmar Mahazedi, this Myanmar Shwegugale zeedi has a sombre progression around the periphery of the cylinder.

It was erected in 1494 and reigned by Myanmar Queen Byinnya Yan. In the interior there are 64 sitting Myanmar Buddha-figurines. You can take a shortcut back to the street just before the Myanmar Bago shweethalyaung..... The sacred practice was built in 1476 by Myanmar's Dhammazedi, the renowned alchemy queen of Myanmar and the son of Myanmar's queen Shinsawpu.

It' located on the street from triaine stop to shhwethalyaung in Myanmar bay. The first of 397 similar Simas that Myanmar Emperor Dhammazedi erected around Myanmar, Maha Kalyani was the first to copy maps that were returned from Sri Lanka. There is something incredibly impressing about these four-seater Myanmar Buddhas with royal views that seem to see everything, about 1.5 km from Bingo, right on the Yangon roads.

It was erected in 1476 by Myanmar's King Dhammazedi and is made up of four 30m high seated Myanmar Buddha's, arranged back to back around a giant quadratic column. The Myanmar mythology says four Mon nuns were involved in the building of the Myanmar Buddha; it was said that if one of them.....

Situated behind the Myanmar Bago Shwemawdaw pit, this cabinet has a good view of the city of Myanmar Bago from the covered hilltop. The Myanmar mythology tells us that this Myanmar Bagoagoda was the only point to rise from the ocean when the mythologic birds made it. U Khanti, the Myanmar architectural chaplain of Burma, designed this monastery.....

Hanthawady's former site, which used to surround a former Mon Square, was dug out in Myanmar Bago just south of the giant Swemawdaw Paya. Kanbawzathadi, the central palatial complex, was home to King Bayinnaung of Myanmar from 1553 to 1599 and encompassed 82 acres. Sihwemawdaw Paya in Myanmar is situated north-east of the railway yard of Myanmar.

These stupas from Myanmar cannot be missed, because their altitude of 114 meters dominate the city of Bago. Myanmar Laya Shwemawdaw is said to be over 1000 years old and was initially built by the Mon King up to a depth of 23 meters to anchor two Buddha hair. At 825 Myanmar Shwemawdaw paida was increased to 25m and then to 27m in 840.

That Myanmar lying Buddha is so big that it is not possible to tell exactly what lies ahead of you from the lower levels. At 55 metres long and 16 metres high, Myanmar Shwethalyaung Pagoda is 9 metres longer than the lying Buddha in Wat Pho in Bangkok, but still 19 metres behind Myanmar Buddha in Dawei.

You will find Shwethalyaung just westwards of Yangon Bago.....

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