Beautiful places in Yangon

Nice places in Yangon

Crossing the historic Gokteik viaduct. The Sule Pagoda in Yangon from us. lnle lake of Kerri at Passport Penguin. This is Kya Hnyat by John on In The Loop Travel. Many Thousand Temples in Bagan from Ferna at Everywhere with Ferna.

1st Su Taung Pyae Pagoda, Mandalay

Today the countryside is known as the home of gold couples, infinite churches and sunrise, so colourful that one wonders if one is still on earth. Until 2011, Myanmar was rather the home of one of the most exploitative and repressive army regime in the hemisphere.

Whilst the land still has many issues to resolve, there is an imperceptible but abundant source of power of hope and opportunity that dwells throughout the land and comes from the splendour of its peoples and countryside. The following are 10 of the most beautiful places I've found on my expedition with Geckos Adventures, where you can get a foretaste of this inspiring power.

The Su Taung Pyae Pagoda, which stands on Mandalay Hill, becomes a one-of-a-kind cultural dialog. This results in a place that is both physical and metaphysical. There are 2478 Stupas living in many rectilinear rows on a hill in Myanmar that has been planted with grapevines.... I could have walked through Kakku all morning; each one told me its own personal history.

While some stupa tell straightforward and straightforward tales, others tell adventures decorated with gods and mythological beasts. From then on, the Stupa's have been built further on the site, taking on the architectonic style that was outstanding during their building period, leading to the current ecclectic stupa moshpits.

Its glittering gold Stupa make it easily imaginable as the home of a new Disney prince from Burma. However, the best way to enjoy the beauties of this place is from afar, as it is not quite as attractive up- close. The Hsinbyume pagoda is the queen of bees in a country of apparently never-ending bees.

Originally, the pioneering history of the genre of the pagoda has given it its uniqueness. It was erected as a monument to King Bagyidaw's first woman, Hsinbyume, who passed away after the king's firstborn. Its name can be interpreted as the White Elephant Empress, which explains the singular painting of the mosaic.

In addition, the podium was built after the example of Mount Meru - the centre of the cosmological world. It is modelled on the Chulamanee Puagoda, which is supposed to be located on Mount Meru, while the round patios, which form the basis of the Puagoda, are supposed to be the seven chains of mountains that encircle Mount Meru.

Mother Nature's natural beauties and resistance are interwoven with the intricate stupa, tree and vine in the Shwe Indein Pagoda. Situated on the west shore of Lake Inle, the site offers centuries-old coupons in all kinds of forms, dimensions and colours. While some of the marshes have been renovated, most are in a fractured state with covered plants and grapevines choking them.

It was at that point that I was enriches with a deep, mystical awareness of the beauties of the universe. While the uncompleted fifty-metre high silhouette already appears huge enough, the actual altitude is only one third of the planned one. It stretches over 116 sq km and offers everything from swimming towns and yards to buddhistic shrines and cloisters.

Whilst hot-air baloons hover over the apparently never-ending expanses of temple land illuminated by the sunrise, we are remembered for the value of capturing the world. It is said that the temple itself was constructed by the Bagan emperors between 1057 and 1287, before the empire was devastated by earthquake together with Kublai Khan's invasion team.

Of the originally 4450 shrines only 2230 are to be preserved today. The Goldene Pagode was an appropriate name for this work. However, the beauties of this place go beyond the actual pageantry, but also extend to the ambience provided by the bustle of the many followers who offer and worship and meditate in one of the hundred colourful shrines, stupas and sculptures dotted around the pageantry.

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