Beautiful places in Myanmar Essay

Nice Places in Myanmar Essay

It is a fascinating place! It is a great place for couples and families to spend a few relaxing hours. As I googled it, I discovered more places. The Taungyi Kahtein tradition is amazing and venerable. The article describes the most important sights in Myanmar.

Myanmar's famous and popular tourist sites

Burma is a land full of historical, cultural, customs and traditions. There are also a number of touristic sites, with many more unexplored and unexplored one. Much of Myanmar's favourite tourism destinations are known around the globe. Below is a brief overview of some of Myanmar's favourite and renowned tourism destinations.

Shoredagon Lagoon - Probably the most popular touristic destination in Myanmar, Shwedagon is the equivalent of Myanmar. It is the oldest of the pagodas in the world and the center of Buddhism in Myanmar. Shwedagon also has a museum of Myanmar's best handicrafts, as most carpentry is adorned with the best Myanmar sculpture and wooden curves.

Bagan is perhaps the most popular place in Myanmar, with more than 2,000 old coupons spread across the city. It is also the main attraction for the majority of people. This is the capitol of the first Myanmar imperium and was probably constructed in the ninth c. AD, although Myanmar kingly records say that it was around the First Centenary.

This became a very wealthy town and became the capitol of Myanmar during King Anawrahta (Anurudha) in the eleventh Century AD. For over 200 years it remained the capitol until it was destroyed by Mongolian invadors in the thirteenth centuryAD. There were many League of B Bagans, queen, prince and prince, aristocrats and commoners who had constructed many thousand of large and small couples, wonderfully adorned in art and muralism.

You' ll see the best architectural and artistic heritage of old Myanmar that has never been seen again in Myanmar's riches. The Golden Rocks, as it is called by aliens, is a large, gold-covered stone that stabilises on the edges of a stoneumn.

According to legends, a mighty recluse placed this stone on the column a thousand years ago before his demise, so that his devotees could venerate him in his place after his deaths. No one knows if the myth is real or not, but Kyaikhtiyo is still one of the holiest places in Myanmar.

A lot of Buddhists, not only from Burma, but also from China, Thailand, Laos and many other foreign countries, believe that the rock has a magic force. The rock is at the rock's rim, but it does not drop down. There is a small pavilion on the rock. Kyaikhtiyo Golden Rock is open to the public during the arid period, mainly during the cold seasons.

MNDALAY - As the last capitol of Burma's monarchs, it is comprehensibly the country's foremost city. Constructed in 1859 by Mindon of the Konboun Dynasty and governed by two kingdoms, it fell under UK domination in 1885 (officially on 1 Jan 1886) during the domination of Thibaw, the last of Burma's kingdoms.

Though no longer the Myanmar capitol, it is the second biggest town in Myanmar and is still regarded as the country's main culture centre. In spite of its shrinking number, Mandalay is still home to and working with the lives of centuries-old Mandalay artisans, carvers, distilleries, bronze blacksmiths and tapisserie artisans who run their families and make the best of Myanmar's handicrafts.

Mahamuni, the holiest Buddha image in Myanmar, is located in Mandalay, as is the famed rock engraving of Tri-pitaka at the foot of Mandalay Hill. It is especially well known for its pictures of Intha's rowboats with her legs. Rent a sailboat and cruise around the beautiful lakeside, visit many towns in the area, the renowned swimming fair (the true swimming fair for the true Inthas) and the Phaungdawoo Pagoda.

Pagodas takes place once a year in late September or early October with the renowned races of Inthas. A number of touristic sites other than the above mentioned ones exist, but the above mentioned places will make the visitor feel good for the first one. When you are traveling to Myanmar (Burma), the travel guidebook of London is a very useful guidebook.

The book contains in-depth information about places in Myanmar, as well as travel, accommodation and food-support. You can still buy the Myanmar (Burma) (Country Guide) at Lonely Planet at Amazon on-line.

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