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Myanmar cat breeder beautiful Burmese. When I look to heaven today with open arms and express my appreciation for the beauty of Mother Nature with such an expression in Burmese:. Lovely Myanmar Girls pictures, profiles, interesting facts, dating tips and more! Myanmar's beautiful girls are Burma's true treasure. The most Buddhists do it at least once in their lives.

Myanmar Adjectives | Learning to Sip Burmese

Would you explain the beauties of the countryside in the so-called "dry land" to a seafood that inhabits the seas? What would you call the colour "green" to a blind man who has never seen the daylight of his child? It can also be difficult to find an equal English to Burmese or Burmese language translations, even for very basic phrases.

It is an absolutely satisfactory and correctly grammatical expression. When you are in the spirit of being melodramatically, you can try to say that when you come to Myanmar.

Perhaps the Myanmar population takes the good wheather for granted and does not take the trouble to acknowledge it. Interestingly, the phrase "What a beautiful day!" in Pinyin has a Chinese counterpart: duo1 hair3 piano1 a1!

For my part, I do not think it is right to think up a sentence in your own tongue and try to have it translated into Burmese.

Study general Burmese terms and find out what they mean in your own tongue. "It is great ", the term "great" is the adjective that denotes the noun or the noun. Myanmar uses a group of words known as na2-ma1-wi1-thay2-tha1-na1 in the same way as English adjectives.

Qualitatively | yay2-pya1 na2-ma1-wi1-thay2-tha1-na1: Words that describe the qualtity of the substantive as something or someone is. The first example uses the suffix chan3-tha2 daeare1 to describe what kind of man (noun) the aura is.

The second example uses the suffix method3 daeare1 to describe the type of place (noun). thin2-cha2 na2-ma1-ma1-wi1-thay2-tha1-na1: words that describe "how many" of something, "what position" in an ordered orderly listing, and indefinite numbers are in this group.

In order to be eligible as an adjective theorem, there must be a substantive like the above one. is used to replace the substantive Luo2 without naming it, the term is regarded as pronom.

Here is the breakdown of words. Notice how the above noun and adjective are created by the combination of words. Please also take into account a small modification in the accent. Non-specified numbers Example: 1-cho1 ta1-1u2 -- some folks. Ask Words for example: The number of persons is measured by the number of particles in a-may3 nay3 after 2 ma1-wi1-thay2-tha1-na1.

To emphasize that he/she is very large or very small, say so: shares2 means "long" to describe elongated growing things such as serpents.

However you can use SHAY 2 if the individual has longhairs. Adverbs are like the words "somewhat", or "rather", which is less strong than "very" and "extreme". wah1 deare2 -- He/she is a fat being.

Notice that unlike the other Burmese terms for high, long or hairy or colored as in " the high is high ", "the long coat is long ", "the deep coat is black " and so on, the Burmese do not say "body is thick".

Use the above phrases to describe a subject in a situations where someone asks you what the subject looks like. Please be aware of the omitting of "he/she", as it is implicit and superfluous. So the narrator says the above phrase with pin2 end to a nearby individual in a gang as they look at someone.

For the use of the final words of instruction 3. yoat-hso3 Iite da2 -- An exclamation: Myanmar folks usually won't say on your face that you're so upset.

But in Burmese language it' s much more obvious that it' koun2-lay3 (this guy here) than its far friend from afar. Therefore "this" in Burmese is interpreted as "that" in English for the above sentences. That sentence also works without that term, but it sounds more vivid when you use it.

Or use the word yoat-ma2 daeare1 to describe the contemptible one. yo-yat-m2 deare-1 main3-ma1 -- Hideous wife! Notice that" good" is usually pronoun3, but here it is more natural to say coun3. BA 2-- Proposal.

That is the end of Grade 9.

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