Beautiful Beaches in Myanmar

Lovely beaches in Myanmar

The beach of Myanmar is very different from the beaches of Southeast Asia. Best beaches in Myanmar, photos & descriptions. However, it has a coast with many beautiful and relatively un crowded places. By the end of your trip in Myanmar, you can extend your stay by a relaxing beach holiday on one of Myanmar's most beautiful beaches. You can visit Ngapali after Thailand or Vietnam - one of the most rewarding beaches in Myanmar.

Myanmar's 10 beaches that you must see at least once

Burma is not as famous as Bali in Southeast Asia and is famous for its breathtaking beaches! Myanmar has some incredibly beautiful beaches, many of which remain inaccessible. Myanmar's beaches are known for their beautiful bead sand, crystalline water and affordable shelter.

Some of Myanmar's most beautiful gems can be found along a 2000km coastline: it is definitely Myanmar's most popular one. Situated on a vast area of fine sandy beaches, it is decorated with beautiful palms and aqua cyan. This is Myanmar's best place to be if you are looking for fun and cultural activities.

Please note: Do not use exposed swimsuits on Myanmar's beaches. Located in the southern most part, it has breathtaking beaches stretching for miles. One interesting thing to do in this area is to see apes eating shrimps on the coasts of their beaches. There are some of the best beaches in Myanmar like Ta Fook if you are looking for tropical sea creatures that thrive under water.

It' only 5 hours from Yangon by road and can be reached by road or coach. Saung is a small fishermen town with one of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar. It' the ideal place if you want to enjoy some time in a relaxing and remote area.

It is also one of the most sought after beaches in Myanmar due to its close vicinity to Yangon. Situated only 6 hours from Yangon by car, this is not very similar to the beaches described above. One of Myanmar's highest valued beaches if you want to get out of the noise of urban living and into a remote area of serenity.

There are no beaches, stores or restuarants and Kanthya offers good detoxification from the good amenities on which we depend. This is one of the many beautiful beaches in Myanmar, and it is a secret jewel that not many people know about! It' a remote place where you can enjoy the sun and get a beautiful sun tanning on the gold sand.

It is one of the most historic beaches in Myanmar and was popular with British visitors during the war. During the week the beaches are relatively calm in comparison to the week-ends. Soak up the beautiful views of the coastal hill country. Also known as Shaw Maw Beaches, it is one of Myanmar's most unusual beaches.

It' a long sandy area with a beautiful convent at the end. This is one of Myanmar's lesser-known beaches, also known as Grandfatherstrand. It is a great place to watch the sun rise. Accommodation is available in Dawei near the sea for your holiday!

It' a secluded and untouched sandy area where you can watch the fisherman on their boat and the local kids play in the ocean. And if you like to explore unusual places, these magnificent beaches of Myanmar should definitely be on your heap! Booking your journey and get away NOW!

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