Beaches near Yangon Burma

Yangon Burma Beaches

All of Myanmar's best beaches, photos & descriptions. Beach and sightseeing information Myanmar still lacks unspoilt, broad beaches with thin sandy beaches and clear waters. Fishermen's towns are located next to the few resort area. It is a great place for long strolls on the beaches, to read a book or swim in the sea.

You will find a few nice resort that blend in well with the surroundings.

All beaches offer shellfish at very reasonable prices. At the beaches, please be sure to get dressed appropriately; the locals often did not even sport bathing trunks, but wore trousers and T-shirts when they swam. 30 min by car from the city of Toronto, it is easy to reach by air.

Ngapali probably comes from an Italian who was remembered for Naples. You will be amazed by the clear sands, clear skies and clear waters. Principal beaches are 2 mile. There is a fishermen town in the south part of the island. Some of the lovely hotels provide top class accommodations. The Ngapali is the most visited one in Myanmar.

The Ngwe Saung Strand is located west of Pathein (Bassein). It' a 5-hour ride from Yangon to the 9-mile long crystalline waterside. In the meantime the way to Ngwe Saung leads through attic. It is a recently designed and comparable to Ngapali beaches.

Beautiful bathing places are inviting. You can dive at one of the resort. Ngapali's upscale beaches are slightly less expensive than Ngapali resort hotels. Many of the better resort are relatively near the Ngwe Saung towns, where there are a number of them. But Ngwe Saung is not a traditional fishermen town.

There is an herd of elephants just before Ngwe Saung. The otherwise very calm environment is disturbed by some jet skis and motorcycles on the shore. In the past, a trip to Ngwe Saung could be accompanied by a cruise on the "Delta Queen", a ship from Yangon to Pathein. Chaungtha (Chaung Tha) Strand is also located west of Pathein (Bassein), further northern of Ngwe Saung.

It' also a 5-hour ride from Yangon to Chaung Tha Strand, which is more suitable for the new Yangon mid-range and backpacker. For the adventurous, this is the only place that can offer a public holiday that cannot even be reserved in time. The Kanthaya is a very flat, 4.5 km long sandy area 100 km due west of Ngapali Strand.

These sands are not here whiten. From Ngapali to Yangon you can travel along the western coastline and stop in Kanthaya. However, it is a very long and inconvenient ride. About 7 km from Kanthaya lies a small, flat and beautiful cove named Maw Shwe Chaing.

There' s a fishermen and trade town about 2 km from the cove. Situated just southwards of Yangon over the Yangon River, the Letkhokkon Strand is certainly not attractive for a swim because of the sludge. About 80 km southwards of Yangon, about 10 hour driving distance from the city. The Setse Strand itself is broad, but the waters are not clear, the beaches are not well maintained.

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