Beaches near Mawlamyine

The beaches near Mawlamyine

Sands of Setse Beach. Burma South Myanmar> Mawlamyine> Setse Beach. Sett's beach, near Mawlamyine, is beautiful enough - very quiet weekdays, with Burmese families on weekends. The other interesting places in Mawlamyine are Bilu Kyun, Setse Beach, Shwe Yin Hmyaw Pagoda, which is very popular Buddha Temple and Win Sein Tawya. It is a very wide, brown sandy beach that tends to the Wadden Sea at low tide.

Mawlamyine' s beaches - Myanmar Forum

In search of a beautiful place preferential beachside near Mawlamyine to stay 5 nights. Mawlamyine' s closest shore is Set Se Strand, where you can take a one-and-a-half hour outing. Wouldn't go from further northerly just for the beaches. Hi, I haven't been to the beaches just south of Yangon.

There is actually a lot of information about these two beaches that you mentioned and Chaung Tha too. However, when I drive over Pathein in October (next month!!!!) and probably spend the night there before I go to the shore, Chaung Tha for me. The Ngwe Saung is less congested than Chaung Thar with locals and cleaner.

Places of interest and sights in Mawlamyine

The capital of the state of Mon, Mawlamyine has its own unique charms and a wealth of historical and architectural heritage. Kyaik Than Lan Pagode was a small seaside village, famous for the Kyaik Ka Mi Yele Pagode, erected in 875 AD. The other interesting places in Mawlamyine are Bilu Kyun, Setse Strand, Shwe Yin Hmyaw pit, which is very famous Buddha sanctuary and Win Sein Tawya.

The Kyaik Htee Yoe pit, known as the Golden Rocks, was constructed according to legends in 574 BC. Situated 229 km from Yangon on a giant rocky promontory at the rim of a bluff, 1095 MSL. Kyaik Htee Yoe is situated on the top of the Kyaik Htee Yoe.

After the Shwedagon and Mahamuni Pagodas, it is the third most important place of Buddhism in Myanmar. The Kyaik Than Lan pit was built in 875 AD during the rule of King Mutpi Raja. Buddha relicts, Tripitaka scripts and Buddha golden paintings were kept in the cloakroom.

Subsequent monarchs lifted the pit to a higher and higher position until it was 46 metres high from its initial 17 metres. There is a large church bells with the epigraph of the month of March 30, 1885 and another one with an English one. Broad sandy beaches tend to the Wadden Sea when the flat surfing experience decreases at low tides.

It is fringed by casualarina-scenes. 60 km southwards of Mawlamyine, Thanbyuzayat is a monument of the 100,000 POWs and civil men who died during the Japanese building of the "death railway" during the Second World War.

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