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Myanmar Burma Beaches

Ngapali, on the west coast of Myanmar in the state of Rakhine, is Myanmar's most beautiful beach. Huge, beautiful white and yellow sandy beaches stretching for miles without a soul. By boat from Sittwe to Mrauk U in Myanmar Ngapali Beach on the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar's traditional beach location and known by the Burmese as Myanmar's "oldest" beach. Burma has huge potential for great beaches. Myanmar's beaches and deserted islands are as close to paradise as you'll probably find on holiday.

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With the end of the tourist blackout, Myanmar (Burma) becomes a favorite place on the Southeast Asia-Path. This is where he escaped the fast-moving town of Yangon to unwind on Myanmar's sands. A few and a half hours in the suffocating roads of Yangon, the former Myanmar capitol and still the most interesting town, I was prepared for a diversion and looked forward to my journey to the western shores of Chaung Tha and Ngwe Saung.

It' s a fact that housing costs in Myanmar have been soaring since the National League for Democracy, the most important of Myanmarʼ major party opponents under the leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi, abandoned their tourist boycotts. I had a quick snooze and then overlooked the scenery at breakfasts in a seaside cafĂ©. Many of them clung to large hoses rented from sellers on the shore.

Elder cubs were kicking soccer balls while their mothers were sitting on deckchairs or in the sands. From time to time the family ordered shrimp kebabs from the ladies who stayed on the beaches all the time and carried their goods in large synthetic spikes on their daggerhead. The Chaung Tha is a favourite with middle-class Yangon people, and although the sands are not the whiteest or clearest in Southeast Asia, it is a vibrant place, especially on the weekend and during summer camp.

All of the beacheside residences are relatively small and I was frustrated but not suprised when a large and nasty new building was built on a mountain crest at one end of the water. Off the coast there is not much to see, although the highway, which runs along the sandy side, has some simple diners.

This one-stop store offers snorkeling, an excursion to working elephant, bicycle rental or massages. Like most of the receptions, Mr George can also organize transportation to the Ngwe Saung beaches a little further southwards. It is a nicer piece of sandy land than Chaung Tha's, in part because the accommodations are much more scattered and attract more upscale tourists and significantly more newcomers.

The accomodation is generally more expensive than in Chaung Tha, but there are still some relatively inexpensive possibilities - from about 20 dollars - just down the road from Ngwe Saung. However, the actual highlight of my entire voyage to the coastline was the two-hour ride between the two shores on the back of a motorcycle.

It follows rough roads along paddy paddies and through towns that from times to times pass shores where the rider passes the fishers in the flat trawls. However, the most remarkable were the brief cruises that interrupted the journey. With a little over $10 in one direction, I figured even the grumpiest backpackers would find this journey a good one.

Busses run from Yangon to Chaung Tha (6 hours) and Ngwe Saung (8 hours 30 minutes).

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