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Some of Myanmar's most beautiful and pristine beaches can be found here. Ngapali beach, near Thandwe, Myanmar. The Ngapali Beach, near Thandwe, Myanmar. The Ngapali Beach on the Bay of Bengal is Myanmar's traditional beach location and known by the Burmese as Myanmar's "oldest" beach. By boat from Sittwe to Mrauk U in Myanmar Burma's (Myanmar) beaches and deserted islands are as close to paradise as you will probably find on holiday.

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Myanmar's most important seaside towns are Ngwe Saung and Ngapali - the latter is 40 minutes flying time from Yangon, the first is a 6+-hour drive. They both have their charms, Ngapali may have a more beautiful one. Using the above mentioned spaglass searching function and entering their name, many contributions and facility information will be displayed, or click on the ratings icon bar on the lefthand side for in-depth ratings of guests who have visited these "resorts".

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Myanmar's main location, Ngapali Beaches, is a favourite addition to a tailor-made Myanmar itinerary for a few relaxing nights. Arrived with the internal flights, Ngapali provides a long distance with gold sands, back with staggering palm trees and with easy seaside towns. It has an old seaside resorta atmosphere that is little affected by the evolution of a bigger one.

Luxurious Ngapali Beaches luxury retail complex with privately owned homes in Burma and Europe. A tranquil Ngapali Beaches fashion centre with only 29 large wood cottages. In Ngapali Beaches, Amata is an ideal choice for a tranquil and relaxed browse after a trip through Burma. Secluded hideout in Myanmar's Andaman Sea.

Luxurious sailing adventure in Burma.

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The Ngapali is the most visited tourist resort with wonderful palm-fringed beaches and clear blue-water. Ngapali has an outstanding selection of seaside resort destinations and is easy to reach with everyday services from Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Heho. Ngwe Saung is located south of Ngapali and near Yangon.

Fewer places to stay, but the beaches are just as good. The Mergui Archipelago in the extreme southern part offers great opportunities for kayak and snorkeling for the more keen. Over 30 years of travel and holiday design expertise in West Burma.

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