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Visit beaches in Myanmar tips

Further information and tips on the beaches in Dawei can be found here. Advice for visiting the beaches of Myanmar. A tip: Don't forget to try the fish on the beach! Helpful tips for your beach holiday in Myanmar. Burma is a paradise of lush green tropical forests, lazy saffron skies and glittering golden pagodas.

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We are currently planing a 4-week journey in Myanmar in November 2017. Wants to end the journey with some sunshine season - the more whitish sandy / bright bluish waters, the better! When it is possible to go snorkelling and hire a yacht to see small islets with lonely beaches - and if there are also some places of interest and sightseeing to do.

Could you give me some tips? In both the place and the way you go there and in relation to more northwards? A 16-20-hour coach runs from Myeuk to Kwathoung (from where many trips to the Myeik archipelago start).

Try Ngapali, Myanmar's first seaside town, and a simple plane ride from either Bangan, Hhoo or Canangon. Myeik Archipelago is still very unexplored, for the island you need an expensively guide and a permission, as far as I know. By the way, the photo here shows the huge Buddhas of Mahalamyaing, the true Dawaiian lying Buddhas are under one umbrella and only 75m long, not 200m.

a lot of Thai isles are just as beautiful, but much better evolved and much easier to get to by means of transportation, ko Kuut, ko Lang, ko Nano, etc. As far as beaches are concerned, thai (or the philippines) definitely have 10x more than Myanmar, at least for the next 10 years. "Since this area is not open to tourists until the beginning of 2013," package holidays or excursions await you yet.

" In 1988 I was able to discover the Burmese benches and the Myeik archipelago on a scuba excursion to discover the area. The packages are relatively pricey than Ngapali Beach like Mergui Prince or Myanmar Boating. Snorkelling or scuba dipping is also possible in Ngapali.

25$ for rental boats plus snorkeling gear for a drive back to Pearl lsland in Ngapali. A table stand on the sandy beaches of the isle. Great for snorkeling or diving around the islands, fantastic. Back to Yangon after the sea and 2 hours to BKK.

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