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Naya Diganta daily. It's all Bangla newspaper. Kaler Kantho daily. It's all Bangla newspaper. Bangla newspaper.

Dainik janakantha patrika read latest bd news, bengali news paper from Dhaka. In Bangladesh there are many newspapers that are read regularly.

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The Bangladesh News: Collections (list) of all Bangla and BD News Agency newspapers on line. Locate 24/7 latest Bangla news from the popular BD Gazette - 24 news, BD news 24, Bangla news 24 and remainder of all the continually updated Bangla news Sites. The Bangladeshi regional paper and news agency: Our trip began in 2008, now we are the most beloved news aggregate and news index of Bangladesh.

We' ve list almost all domestic, local and multinational newspapers and newsagents. There are also pages for news on TV and on the Internet. The Bangladesh and the worlds of economics, sport, technology, healthcare and economics.

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In Bangladesh is a small nation, but has a large number of papers, TV, magazine and on-line papers, news portals or blog-sites. It is good news that Bangladesh's on-line press has now broken all global record. More than 10,000 on-line medias are as sustainable as a small land called Bangladesh. Banggladeshiople also operate on-line portals from several lands under the name of Banggladeshi More.....

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Myanmar's military has recognised that for the first case the country's military staff were part of the murder of Rohingya Muslims in the recent Rakhine state outbreak. According to the military, four members of the police have been found investigating the murder of ten men in Deen near Maungdaw, and according to the reports, the troops were helping the villages to launch acts of aggression against them by calling the Rohingya "Bengali terrorists".

It was already imagined that the suggestion to take US President Donald Trump's ruling to Jerusalem would very simply be forwarded to the United Nations General Assembly. However, before the vote, the threats of US President Trump and US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, have some concerns.

For this reason, it was assumed that some Member States no longer voted in favour of the text.

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