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Bangladesh's Philippine drug conflict creates'atmosphere of terror' | World News

Bangladesh PD last weekend killed more than 50 indicted drugs dealers as part of an anti-drug drive that fears that they could turn into a Philippine unlawful assassination drive. She and another ancestor say that their last seen in policing before they were found stranded, what the government calls nightly gunfights with criminals.

The Bangladeshi Premier Sheikh Hasina says the election will coincide with the violence of an early suppression of the Muslim militancy waged by a dozen indicted extremists. Twenty-nine alleged traffickers were murdered on Thursday mornings, taking the certified number to 52 in 10 working nights. Amzad Hossain, who was shot on Tuesday after taking the cops to a drugs stash in the city of Netrokona in the north of the country, was one of those murdered.

and Hossain was murdered in fire exchanges, said they. "We robbed his home and picked up a good amount of yeaba tablets on the scene. "Later, he was murdered in the cross fire when other members of his band, after being provoked, shot at us," he said.

The cases against his sibling were part of a bullying drive against opposing politicians in the run-up to the country's election later this year. Much of the raid is conducted by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), a disputed para-military group that has on several occasions charged the extra-judicial killings and disappearances of suspicious criminal and policy adversaries of the state.

RAB officials were part of the assassination of Shukur Ali on Monday mornings, who the Elitebattalion said was a "notorious" hawker of yabis and canabis with at least 10 against him. An RAB declaration said officials attacked a drugs stash in Chittagong when they met gunfire and that Ali was found alive at the crime site after other suspected members of the mob had escaped.

"A while after hearing the noise of gunshots," said Mohammad Sohel, the deceased's son-in-law. Mr Pinaki Bhattacharya, a Dhaka-based defender of fundamental freedoms, said the shooting of the Dhaka policemen "created an ambience of terrorism throughout the country". The murders had to be prosecuted, said Humane RIG.

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