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The BBC Weather is broadcast by a team of meteorologists from Met Office to provide forecasts for the entire spectrum of television and radio services. When the BBC gradually begins to call the country Myanmar. Latest tweets from Jonah Fisher (@JonahFisherBBC). Weather in Langkawi is hot and humid all year round, with occasional rainfall and cloudy skies, but fortunately it is never too drastic. We will also be a Muslim and live in Yangon for a few days because my husband is an expat there.

Superb Blue Mountain: the rarest event of this mont for the first for 150 years | Weather | News

For the first case in more than 150 years, a Bluish and a Supermoon will be cast this year. All three will appear on January 31. It' s very seldom that all three special occurrences take place at the same one.

Last simultaneous presence of a bluestone and a superlunar and solstice was on March 31, 1866. Timezones means that the last full month was on November 30th for people in the West. At some point in the UK, the rising moons will take place at 16.55 GMT. But the actual show - the obscurity of the sun - only begins in the middle of the middle of the darkness, when the sun goes through the shade of the earth.

However, this will unfortunately not be apparent from Britain, as the darkness will take place over the eastern hemisphere. One of the best places to observe the solar darkness is Russia, Asia, Australia and parts of the USA and north-eastern Europe.

"A violent storm in Yangon, Myanmar on Tuesday. Jo... "

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