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Receive the Colombo weather forecast. Riu Sri Lanka Hotel, Ahungalla: Heavy rain & floods around Chennai & N Sri Lanka. Forecast for the Udawalawe National Park (Sri Lanka). You would like to outsource your weather report generation?

Heavy monsoons in Sri Lanka

Serious monsoons have devastated parts of the south and west of Sri Lanka. It is usually the humidest time of the year in this part of the island and the beginning of a three-month period of monsoons, which can produce more than 3000 mm of wet. The recent violent shower is believed to have been intensified by a weather phenomena, the Madden Julien Oscillation; a cyclically easterly cloudy and rainy beat near the equator that contributed to recharging the regular monthly circulatory system in May.

For the remainder of this weeks, strong rainfall is predicted for the west, north-west and south of the province, with weather caution.

BBC News - Sri Lanka

Mister Howard from Durham passed away after he was hospitalized on Sunday. Mister Baty, also from Durham, who was seriously ill, also passed away. Clems Pirates made a statement: "Clems Pirates will continue their charitable work and the donations of football kits in Galle before the end of the tournament as a sign of appreciation for the dead gamers (Thomas Howard, 25 and Tom Baty, 26).

"Eight schools will be equipped with urgently needed shoes, face masks and jackets as part of the charitable work and the kits. "The Clems Pirates volunteer fundraising kits were complemented by contributions from all over the north-east of England from grassroots and pro sports associations. "to make sure the worldwide rugby community supported its own footballers wherever and whenever possible."

150 years of the history of Sri Lankan teas

Nearly 5% of Sri Lanka's people work in the billion-dollar teas sector, pick leaf on the mountainsides and process the teas in plantations. Since 1867, the growing and sale of green teas has marked the life of Sri Lanka's people. Teabushes on the hillsides lie above the huts that each estate makes available to its labour.

Teebuds must be plucked by hands every seven to 14 workingdays before they get too hard. Tealeaves are collected in canvas sacks that are light than the old basket. Foliage is weighted all tag and one teapicker makes 600 Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR), which is about 2.70 if he reaches the required rate of 18kg per di.

A number of plantation companies use different pay schemes, such as employee payments on a month-to-month basis and fixed-term loan schemes. Most of Sri Lankan teaplane work is ethnic Indian Tamils, a nation that has been carried by the British to work on the plants. These are different from the Jaffna-Tamils, which come from the northern part of Sri Lanka.

A lot of subsidiaries prefer to work in clothing plants or abroad rather than in the field of orchards. On a small estate there can be four different hierarchical layers, from the holder to the picker. Several of the homes where the workmen lived were constructed by the British during a residential booming period in the 1920', when about 20,000 rooms were constructed for teapickers.

Teepflücken deserves relatively low salaries, so that some teaplantation familys have members of their own relatives, who work in the Middle East or in other towns around Sri Lanka and are sending home funds. They are taken to a mill near the orchard, as below near the Sri Lankan town of Kandy, for use.

An 18 kg charge of young Ceylon leaf can produce 5 kg of Ceylon teas after it has been produced in plantations. The wilted leaf s are then twisted by a roller and the fermented leaf begins to ferment, developing its unmistakable taste. Machines used in teaprocessing are often up to 100 years old.

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