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Several names: List of authors (link); jump to top ^ "World Weather Information Service - Yangon". Studio design and construction of small projects for BBC Media Action in Rangoon. Well, I never ! he would be great at reading the weather :).

Does it mention the BBC weather map? in Rangoon.

Yangon's architectonic legacy

"Aung Thurane, the 30-year-old leader, said: "This road is very important as a landmark because there are only three of them. It declared that conservation is a great accomplishment in a town where the history of its infrastructures is hardly protected by law. Erbe ?destroyed? Other old houses in the town were not so lucky.

Builders and landlords earned their living by constructing bigger and newer infrastructures, while most of the city's infrastructures went into ruin when the army took over in 1962. That'?s about 1,800 edifices. Currently, only 189 properties throughout Yangon are sheltered by the Yangon municipality, while street designers do not even have a fixed concept of what is a cultural inheritance, she said.

The Yangon legacy is threatened by other things. "Rupert Mann, YHT Sen. Program Officers said, "The key challenge we face here in Yangon is the legislative effort. "Yangon is considered a singular architectonic town, which was an important trade centre for the indigenous people who lived there at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Most of the architectural design in Yangon's city centre goes back to the time of Britain's reign, which ran from 1824 until Burma was founded in 1948. "Yangon, I also think that in 40 or 50 years, if that succeeds,.... will be the Charleston or the Boston of the Orient, to use its story as part of its visions for the years to come.

The Myanmar Rioter Detachment Force beats students' protests with truncheons

In Myanmar, several hundred policemen have crushed a rally of college kids who say that a new bill is choking academia. Crashes took place in Letpadan, 140 km from Yangon. The tension in Letpadan has been increasing since last weeks in Letpadan, where the riot control authorities had closed off the students' way with cars and barbwire-bars.

Many" beaten" About 200 college kids tried to squeeze through several hundred policemen and several passed out or slit their way through the barbwire bars, according to the Irrawaddy Intelligence website. "A lot were beat and some were detained, many of them women students," said Honey Oo, a protestor at the AP. You call for more powers for academia, the right to establish colleges and to teach in the language of ethnical minorities.

Burmese youth have led several Myanmar demonstrations over the years, among them a 1988 infamous riot against the former governing Burmese regime. On Friday, five student prisoners were arrested in Letpadan, who have since been set free, and eight were arrested in Yangon and later set free again. On Tuesday a small demonstration of support took place in Yangon, which was also dissolved by the cops.

However, last weeks student groups withdrew from the discussion in reaction to the Letpadan policing outbreak.

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