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Exact Dawei weather today, forecast for sun, rain, wind and temperature. Forecast published for Dawei (Tanintharyi, Myanmar): Thought: "When did the BBC stop using Fahrenheit for weather forecasting? The same reason they still call Myanmar Burma (and I think Bombay for Mumbai, although I'm not sure). Pasikuda weather is always warm and clear, making it one of the best places to visit, especially from March to October, when the atmosphere is best!

Bad weather - BBC News

A thunderstorm and strong rainfalls have caused flood and damages in parts of Greece in the last few weeks. It' officialy the warmest today of the year - and there's more hot weather on the way. What can we hope for from the yearly rainfall in the next few weeks after the serious inundations in parts of Assam and Myanmar?

In Edinburgh, the lady was struck by a rooftop shale in one of the most serious stories of Strom Hektor.

United Myanmar Tour: Heckingbottom admits:'Some may have had a dream.

Lead leader Paul Heckingbottom has acknowledged that some gamblers "may have had a slumbering night" during the scheduled off-season Myanmar cruise. It asked the press not to ask Heckingbottom about politics. However, he disclosed that the gamblers had been vaccinated against the Zika bug and said the team would allay any concerns they might have about the outing.

We' re employees at the team and we have to do our job," Heckingbottom said to BBC Radio Leeds. She' ll get the peace of mind of the club." It' s never as serious as you think," Heckingbottom asked if there are any concerns about the Zika virus: "This is one of the many things we are looking for.

"As soon as the journey is scheduled, you can expect to go online for gamers and employees once they find out, to see what lies ahead and probably not asleep that particular one. "but we need to take all necessary steps to make sure everything goes well."

"It is not a journey in which I can truly judge the player, because it is - as far as the journey is concerned - not designed to work. "Several ("young players") will leave. It will be a small team, not perfect in the number of people we can take with us.

"However, it will be a good occasion for personnel and performers to be together, and some performers will get under their belts for the summers just in time. We have many gamblers who will not go for other reason, due to possible obligations or expected mates.

It will consist of available travelers who can profit from the trip."

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