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The BBC News - Burma "enjoys investment boom". The Burmese court rules Reuters reporters may face full trial; Haley condemns decision.

The Rohingya crisis: United Nations sees'ethnic cleansing' in Myanmar

Myanmar's Rohingya Muslim homicide operations "seem to be a prime example of ethnical cleansing," says the UNHRC. Mr Zeid Raad Al Hussein called on Myanmar to end the "cruel army operation" in the state of Rakhine. Over 300,000 Rohingya Muslims have escaped to Bangladesh since the outbreak of force there at the end of last months.

They say they are reacting to Rohingya fighters' attack and deny that they are directed against the civilian population. Cruelty began on 25 August when the Rohingya fighters assaulted policemen in North Rakhine and killed 12 of them. The Rohingyas, who have since escaped Myanmar, say the army reacted with a violent expedition, burned down towns and assaulted civilians for them.

Rohingya, a Stateless, mostly Islamic minorities in the Buddhist Rakhine group, have long been persecuted in Myanmar, saying they are unlawful migrants. The number of those who have escaped to Bangladesh is estimated at 313,000. In Bangladesh, there are already several hundred thousand Rohingya who have escaped earlier violent attacks in Rakhine.

Researchers say the US administration has so far declined to record them outside the camp for fear of legitimizing them. However, the movement can help the regime as it embarks on a demarche on the Rohingya's journey into the world, the BBC states. The Rohingya militants announced a one-month one-sided cease-fire behind the August 25 terrorist attack to allow relief organizations, but the Myanmar administration turned him down and said it would not deal with "terrorists.

Myanmar's de facto Myanmar dean Aung San Suu Kyi is increasingly criticized for not being able to defend the Rohingya, and on Monday the Dalai Lama added his vote calling on her to "reach all sectors of the community to try to re-establish amicable relations". The Rohingya are not very popular in Myanmar.

Sunday the policemen launched rounds of gum to smash a bully that attacked a Moslem butcher's house in the Magway district of Cymanmar. A protestor was cited by the AFP newswire who said it was a reaction to the Rakhine incident.

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