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News from all over Australia and the world. The Reuters journalists, accused under state secrecy, act in Myanmar. Burma in the refugee camp Balukhali in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. BBC News subscribe

com/bbcnews Animal. Meet Myanmar's hardline Buddhist monks - BBC News.

Might Rohingya activist postings be removed?

is a celebrity campaigner who lives in Saudi Arabia. He has been operating a Facebook page since 2010 and was amazed when he saw that some of his contributions on recent incidents in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar were erased. "Hossain says BBC Trending. He is also one of the campaigners operating the YouTube television station Arakan News Agency.

"and then YouTube erased this one. This is not what we expected from it. We' ve tried to emphasize our topic, but we are blocked by the use of mobile devices," says Hossain. Several of the postings Facebook has taken off Shah Hossain's page are very graphical.

Not all the activistic messages that are deleted are graphical. A Rohingya campaigner in Germany, Nay San Lwin operates a community of grassroots campaigners in the state of Rakhine. "which also makes it a destination for abuse: "because I put all this information on my Facebook page.

A number of bodies are being dismantled, and many of them are known to report on the state of Rakhine. BBC Trenching can be followed on @BBCtrending on Facebook.

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