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Myanmar programs, dates & radio frequencies. BBC News market data is provided by Digital Look. We' ll keep you informed about the latest news on the by-elections. You' ll hear special coverage of Burma's by-elections on the BBC Burmese today. In June, Focus on Africa was launched on BBC World News Television.

Myanmar opens for BBC news station M├ędia

BBC is permitted to enter Burma, a nation known for its mediasensorship. Launching of three of its pay-TV stations - BBC World News, BBC Entertainment and CBeebies - in Burma has been heralded. Meade-Guardian said last night that teen-tubbies are on their way to Rangoon, but by far the most important participant is the news station scheduled to go on air on January 1, 2013.

Although the BBC has been broadcasting to Burma via the BBC Welt Service for a long time, this TV invasion is a big hit. BBC News Coordinator Peter Horrocks, who brokered the BBC news campaign, said: "It' a great indication of Burma's progression and I am honored that the BBC is playing a part in opening the BBC to the world."

Mr. Baku pointed out that the radiocommunications agencies had been "an important rescue team for Aung San Suu Kyi and the people throughout the state. Horrocks wrote in his September trip to Burma on his own personal diary that he was "impressed by the speed of changes in the Burmese press in a land where the state press had been caught in a long and oppressive timeline".

Continuing, he reports a world service crew visited the country's state television station: Message hasn't come through yet. The news was told that it was supplied by the state news service on a literal daily basis. It is Horrocks' belief that the BBC, through its charitable organisation BBC Media Action, will bring about changes if it provides trainings for BBC Media Action writers and reporters to educate them about free media.

Burmese BBC services, said to have 8 million viewers a weekly (including Aung San Suu Kyi), are not permitted to air inside Burma. Mr Horrocks said it had also been made clear to the Burmese authorities that the BBC would keep the Burmese under the microscope.

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