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These third-party cookies may track your use of the BBC website. The BBC Media Action conducted research to inform about the programming and training results of the project. So I went to the BBC websites: The BBC World Service has expanded its FM presence in Myanmar with the launch of the English at Work radio programme on the Shwe FM network. In response to the BBC World News TV program entitled.

Panorama, Myanmar

The 11-year-old Monzur Ali saw things in August 2017 that no kid should ever see. We didn't really want to go out of my town, but there was a great deal of gunfire. Corpses were hung," Monzur said to Panorama. In 2017, like Monzur, several hundred thousand Rohingya escaped Myanmar to be murdered, violated and misused by Myanmar's safety guards and Buddhist communities.

On the basis of meaningful eye-witness reports, administrative documentation and previously unrecognized film material, journalist Justin Rowlatt shows how the Rohingya people have been insulated and undergone weakness. He also shows that assaults were part of a large-scale and organized operatiĆ³n.

The BBC - BBC Burmese now on FM in Burma

Padamyar FM is now available in 120 cities across Burma and will rebroadcast two BBC Burmese programs that have a particular attraction for younger people. Mobigeno, a 10-minute program for the "mobile generation", in which young pros, performers and athletes exchange their experience and wishes, is aired every Saturday at 10:25 a.m. there.

The 5-minute radiosoap for students of German, flatmaths, is broadcasted on Sundays and Thursdays at 1.55 pm. The BBC World Service is a major Burmese broadcasting company. Burmese has become a reliable Burmese channel, as the BBC's polls show.

BBC Burmese | Jobs and Career at BBC

The BBC Burmese is the best-known and most prestigious Burmese radio organization in Burma and the rest of the country. Burmese as your first (or equivalent) English will give you a good grasp of English and demonstrated English to Burmese translating ability and visa versa. English is your first (or equivalent) Burmese native-speaker. Recent pertinent journalism expertise is vital to this position and you must have up-to-date and in-depth Burmese history.

They also have in-depth expertise in multinational issues, in particular Burma and East Asia.

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