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Viber Burmese speaking users now have access to BBC news thanks to the launch of the Burmese BBC channel on the app. You can contact BBC Burmese News on Messenger. easyjamNews & Magazine. Burmese Service de la BBC, Voice of America et Radio Free Asia. Enjoy the latest international news from the BBC.

Broadcasting BBC World Service in Burma face ax services

BBC is involved in discussions with the administration about dramatic reductions in the world service budgets that could oblige it to leave Burma and some other states. As part of the global service funding through an £272 million per annum subsidy, the Federal Foreign Office has asked leaders to be prepared for a possible 25 percent reduction in the budgets from April 2011 as part of the reductions in the civil war.

According to a recent exposé, the BBC is one of those classified by the Burmese authorities as under attack. "Burmese offices are available. The" Humane Rights" arguement has little to do with the new Foreign Ministry. "Russia's World Services footprint, which is reaching about 700,000 people and another 1 million via its Russian-language website, could also be susceptible to cutbacks, according to BBC indians.

The BBC' source said conversations with the goverment would go on for six more weeks however, claiming that no conclusive rulings have been made. Results of the consultations will be announced on 20 October, when the registrar, George Osborne, sets out the extent of state cutbacks in the Ministry of Finance's audit of state expenditure.

Evidently threatening a Burmese ministry used by the dissident to watch and find out about the reigning army jungle has upset Labour. The BBC's shadows minister for external affairs, David Miliband, asked the Burmese authorities to affirm that they will demarcate the BBC's Burmese services. "Weltdienst is a consistent, trustworthy message in parts of the globe where the only other embassies mix intimidation and propaganda. What does it mean?

Abolishing world service in Burma would be a present to the Burmese army junt and an offense to Burmese detainees who are imprisoned without crimes. "The BBC first broadcasted in Burma 70 years ago at the beginning of the Far Eastern uprising. The Burmese section of the BBC has since seen and chronicled all of Burma's policy incidents, which included Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy's security raids and electoral win in May 1990.

Though known primarily for its radios, World Service also operates Web sites and television channels in 32 nations in a dozen different nationalities. Weltdienst was criticized for withdrawing from eight East European states three years ago to finance new Middle East ministries, among them a new Farsi television one.

BBC argues that the audience in the former USSR block has declined, while the State Department thought its assets could be better used in a UK area where Britain is trying to bring about changes. However, the Russias services have been retained and any attempt to shut it down or cut it down would also be disputed.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said he was asked to respond to the allegations that the Burmese authorities were planning to reduce the BBC: "In the context of the expenditure audit, we are discussing with the Ministry of Finance all issues relating to the Bundeskartellamt's forthcoming budgets, which include the Bundeskartellamt's contribution to support the British Council and World Service.

"On several occasions, the Minister of State[ William Hague] has underlined the importance he places on both the British Council and world service. It has also made clear that all sections of the FCOs, the Council and World Service, must help to increase efficiencies and reduce government spending," she said.

The BBC emphasizes that managers are considering a number of cost reduction initiatives, which include the reduction of investments in some platform as an option to end their coverage in some states. World Service spokesperson said: "As with all public institutions, we were asked to take into account the likely effects of significant reductions in funds and to apply them to a variety of szenarios.

"Our confidence will remain strong in arguing that the BBC World Service is one of Britain's most efficient and important asset items in the worldwide arenas, especially at a timeframe when other government is raising rather than lowering its own investment in the world' s radio.

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