Bbc Burmese News today 2016

The Bbc Burmese News today 2016

The BBC Burmese has released its 10-minute regional and international TV news programme on the national television channel Myanma National Television (MNTV). Changes to the weekend schedule on BBC Radio 5 live. " Today, the public itself is pushing for reforms. In order to download and subscribe to BBC World Service Newshour, get iTunes now. Analyses, interviews and news of the global events of the day.

Myanmar Army aircraft disappears over the Andaman Sea

The hope for the 120 passengers on a Burmese airplane that disappeared over the Andaman Sea is wane. They said the aircraft would fly between the south town of Myeik and Yangon (Rangoon). Sixty-six soldiers and members of their families and 14 members of the flight crews were on the ship.

A Y8 transport aircraft from China was half an hr after the brief daily flights. Recent reporting suggests that some of the aircraft or vessels sent into the area have discovered wreckage in the ocean. It was bought from China in March last year and recorded 809 airshows, the Armed Forces said.

The five-man flight crews of an airplane were killed in the crash in the German capitol Nay Pyi Taw in February 2016.

Myanmar's MNTV broadcasts BBC Burmese news programmes

The BBC Burmese has released its 10-minute local and global TV news programme on the MNTV. BBC Burmese TV News Bulletins launches on MNTV following the recent extension of the BBC's coverage in Myanmar's press community, which includes select BBC broadcasts in some of the nation's FM network and cellular channels.

BBC Burmese Service journalist (senior)

BBC World Services Burmese News is a well-known and prestigious news agency in Burma that provides news and topical issues in Burma and reports both national and world. This is a multi-platform multi-media website with a strong emphasis on multi-media content with a strong emphasis on multi-media content, text, interactivity across desktops and mobiles, and a Burmese TV newscast.

It is aimed at bringing the Myanmar public to the attention of Myanmar's audiences and providing them with an overview of Myanmar's prospects and trends worldwide. We provide the Burmese language community with top-notch, unbiased and unique news and topical issues. He will work with the News Editor and the Senior Journalist Staff Manager (Production) to assist a group of journalists in creating the BBC Burma digital, television and broadcast contents.

Candidates work as part of the editing staff in charge of key editing, business and administration functions to make sure that the BBC edition complies with the BBC Guidelines, is vibrant, interesting and relevant to the area. You need to have the multimedial journalistic skill, drive and stamina to work in a fast-moving news-room, meet strict deadline and deliver results to an audiences that....

Today the BBC released a groundbreaking story on the careers and cultures of employees from African, Asiatic and ethnical minorities (BAME)..... The International Women's Day, which will take place on Thursday 8 March, is a truly international celebration of women's rights, socioeconomic, cultural and..... Full mastery and current skills in Burmese (first or equivalent) & fluent English, both in writing and speaking, and the capacity to speak well.

Proven track record of journalism in a multi-media context. In-depth, up-to-date information about Myanmar and its vast destination and varying needs. In-depth expertise and comprehension of the latest news, both in the UK and internationally, and recent events, particularly in Myanmar.

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