Bbc Burmese News today 2015

The Bbc Burmese News today 2015

imberly Dawson @Smattfooyb November 10, 2015. 2010-2015-2100 Burmese Time (1345-1430 BBC Burmese provides current news and information in Burmese. " Thai Queen's plea to end violence", News, UK: BBC, accessed July 7, 2008. You can find "The Mirror" ("Kyemon") for December 23, 2015 on this page. Update NEWS Breaking News, Latest News und Current News von OANN.

The BBC - BBC Burmese in Rangoon to express young people's expectation of the new state.

At a premiere for the program and with the new Myanmar government taking power on April 1, over 100 young Yangonese will speak directly to a group of professionals, policy makers and campaigners. - My name is Shwe Htoo, a Burmese butcher. The BBC Burmese will reach 6.9 million Burmese every Wednesday (2015).

BBC Burma Facebook page has over 4.8 million supporters (March 2016).

Burmese BBC AIB

BBC news in Thai and Burmese is now available through Thailand's premier news website Khaosod. Featured on Khaosods Thai and Thai websites,, and the BBC News Burmese website,, are regularly up-dated..... Myanmar's state channel Myanmar Athan (Myanmar Radio) is rebroadcasting the BBC's Burmese BBC broadcasts for the first reason to further expand the BBC's presence in Myanmar.

The BBC Burmese Children's Show, Mobigeno,..... Burmese speakers of Viber now have direct acces to BBC news thanks to the start of the Burmese BBC television station on the Apache. Burmese BBC on Viber will provide several news update of the most important news of the days, in text, pictures and brief audios.....

The BBC Burmese has published its TV news on the Myanmar Television (MNTV) in another groundbreaking move to promote the BBC's footprint in Burma (also known as Myanmar). The 10-minute program of the BBC Burmese Services will bring the reporting of the BBC..... The BBC World Services has further extended its FM footprint in Burma, also known as Myanmar, with the start of its FM program on the Shwe FM-net.

As of today, the audience of Shwe FM can look forward to the BBC Burmese-English language training program English at Work.


This same program also started a new digital-first, community service program to appeal to and involve a wide range of audiences via the Internet and community service, as well as the municipalities affected by the Redcar steel mill's shutdown over 50 consecutive countdowns to Christmas. Using the help of corporate networking tools, they discovered Vatican researchers looking for aliens in Arizona and formed a new alliance with the Yik Yak message application during the Canada poll.

We have also seen an increase in whatsApp news testimonies exponentially throughout the year and started a "lifeline service" on Viber to provide news and information to individuals during the Nepal quake. Instagram has started new pop-ups for the UK general election: and our #100Women season:

The #100 Women campaign brought a series of exciting contents and discussions that took place at different periods in Nigeria, Nepal, Kabul and London. Between Meerkat during the Ferguson protest and Periscope during the recent Parisian attack and most recently on Facebook Mentions, one of the main topics of discussion this year was clearly streamed on stage in the public relations world.

During the course of the course or last year, our innovative approach to corporate communication was well received. A" lifeline" Ebola feature we introduced through WhatsApp won a George Foster Peabody Award for civil servants and a Knight Award for civil servants at the Online News Association Conference.

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