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Burmese BBC, London, United Kingdom. Burmese BBC - Station Sound Package. Burma's BBC service plays an essential role and must be allowed to survive. BBC World Service global news and analysis, twice a day, every day of the year. The BBC News reports on the PA's terror salaries - Bring back Anna Campbell's body - Lucy Letby:

Multi-media producer, BBC Burmese Service

They are the first (or equivalent) to speak and write Myanmar, have a good command of English, a university qualification (or equivalent) and a certified command of English to Myanmar and Myanmar to English. The aim is to identify, research, procure and generate story in all the formats of relevance, especially for broadcasting, but also for the web and other mediums.

Be able to compose thrilling screenplays in Myanmar and adjust to different target groups and types of film. Broad and up-to-date information about Burma and a deep appreciation of its past, political, social, cultural and public's evolving needs.

Good understanding and interest in topical issues, especially as far as Burma and East Asia are concerned. Good radio vocals and powerful presenting abilities with the capability to act on the mic. Comprehensive understanding of the Burmese audio-visual landscape, its development and the associated BBC challenge.

Knowledge of the web, channel-relevant programming and an understanding of the power of new technologies. Burma's BBC would like to thank the Burmese section of the BBC Radio Service for being the best known and most prestigious Burmese radio organization in the country and the rest of the underworld.

Multimedia journalist, BBC Burmese Service

The BBC World Service is an multi-media channel, part of BBC Newspapers, which offers a broad spectrum of voice and local content and is working more and more with other parts of BBC Newspapers to reach a worldwide audience. This is a multi-platform multi-media website with a strong emphasis on multi-media content such as text, interactive content for desktops and mobiles, and a Burmese TV newscast.

It is aimed at bringing the Myanmar public to the attention of Myanmar's audiences and providing them with an overview of Myanmar's prospects and trends worldwide. We provide top-notch, unbiased and unique journalists with the latest press and topical issues to the area. We' re looking for a senior broadcast journalist (multimedia) to assist the Myanmar community.

The results should be imaginative, appealing and pertinent to the public. It is imperative to know the destination area and the public, the latest developments and the latest domestic and foreign press. They have a profound understanding of online journalism and how to use it to share our story.

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