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In the past, the Soviet Union, Iran, Iraq and Myanmar/Burma have disrupted the BBC. BBC Planet Earth Series student worksheets. Embarrassment: Hammond can't handle Burmese horsepower! Brexit crisis ends Boris Johnson - BBC News.

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On the Thai-Burmese frontier, all minority groups are fleeing because of civilian war, violation of humanitarian law and anxiety about being persecuted. We are concentrating our footage on the Burmese refugees. So I went to the north and west of Thailand. Ethnical tensionThere are several ethnical groups in Burma; the biggest one is the Burmese population.

The Burmese, other minority groups, such as the Karen and the Shan, believe that they apply two different measures. Smaller minority groups, on the other side, are feeling disregarded. It has been 40 years of junta rule and the Burmese minority sees the Burmese armed forces as an antagonist. Recently, the Shan Womens Activists Network (SWAN), a group of Shan ethnical females in the north of Thailand, released another article entitled License to Rape.

It states that 600 Shan gals have been subjected to sexual abuse by Burmese military personnel over a five to seven year span. "Genocide by the military results in a great deal of stigmatization. Minority groups see it as systemic violation. It was the most touching of the interviews I did during my time there.

They were a small force of about 80 troops. One by one that evening, they were raping not only the troops but also the mates. Afterwards, she chose to move out of Burma and cross the Thai frontier. Sadly, the Shan in Thailand know she was attacked by Burmese troops, so they knock her down.

Shan minorityThere are several Shan communities in the north of Thailand. All the Shan escaped for hard labor. They are compelled to bear hefty machines, pockets, weapons and supplies and are used as mine shielding for humans to run in front of other troops if there are mines.

In that case, the military would torch their towns. It' hard for the Shan to make a livelihood, so they are crossing the line. There is also UNHRC and various groups of people active in this area.

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