Bayview Resort

The Bayview Resort

The Bay View Resort is located on the quiet slope of Laem Hin Beach overlooking Phi Phi Phi Island and offers air-conditioned villas with private balconies. The Bay View Resort, Ko Phi Phi Phi Don. Shelter on Downtown Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States of America: Find out why Myrtle Beach's Bay View Resort is one of our most sought after locations. Manhattan Bay View Resort - Overlooking the waterfront.

The Boardwalk Myrtle Beach

The Bay Perspective on the board walk overlooks everything nearby and offers a beautiful 360-degree panoramic views of the Myrtle Beach area, with the SkyWheel and pavilion to the east and the pier on the second avenue to the west. Spacious views of the Atlantic Ocean and Myrtle Beach Board Walk & Promenade guide all rooms by the sea.

Condominiums with sea views point to the beautiful coast and the beautiful Myrtle Beach town. The rooms with a panoramic look to the town profit from the sunsets of the green southern town and the vibrant town. The Bay is only a few minutes walk from the numerous bars and bars and the Myrtle Beach nocturne. Visitors to the magnificent Bay Vue on the board walk enjoy several outdoor pool facilities, life-size checker and cheer game play, Starbucks at the bottom of the facility, a shuffle board with views of Oceans Boulevard, a splashdeck with a fountain on the grass and stylish detail in the rooms and condominiums complete with en-suite bedrooms and individual en-suite workspaces.

There are unbelievable discounts on Bay View with the Sun & Fun Rewards programme. Visitors can rent DVD's for free and individuals can enter free of charge to some of the city' s most popular water parks such as Myrtle Waves Water Park, Broadway Grand Prix and Ripley's Aquarium. Explore Bay View on the seafront and experience the luxury of a classical holiday and the city's greatest landscape.

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Manhattan Bay View Resort - 72 pictures & 54 reviews - Resorts - 504 N Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC - Telephone number

I' ve slept in this motel several nights and really didn't have much to complain about.... Myrtle Beach is a common tourist spot and as such my discomfort was more like things caused by the busy transport at check-in and check-out. They were a little painful, but were awaited at check-in and check-in.

There are two seaview suite with 2 seaviews and a third terrace of the road, which came into the picture when we wanted to enjoy our grown-up drinks and laughing at the animations of those who walk the mile. Situated in a good location on the stripe, as it is right on the seafront, so you are near the thrills and dining.

Wish I could give this place a "0." Management's impolite considering 350. If you want 00 + one overnight for comfortable guesthouse accommodation then you have no problem with this hote. I and my husband often traveled and have never seen this kind of services in a luxury resort at this rate.

In October 2015 there was a great deal of work that they didn't tell us about, and we had to call reception to find out how we could get to the hospital if the streets were off. We haven't been made to know about the building work this year and it is now 2 hrs after the check-in and we are at Sharkey’ because our room is not finished yet.

Five and a half hour after "check-in", and her notion of a "sea view" is a big enough for one to enjoy, with a little sea if you turn the seat just right. Usually it is a building site on which a new motel is to be built.

We' re gonna stay here this saturday. You take it yourself is beautiful and our room has a washing machine and a tumble drier, which is a plus for me. Each window is barred to keep people from entering unless they stay here. Disadvantages - when you book your room with Priceline, you have to make a resort-charge.

There is only 1 swimming pool, 1 rotten stream, 1 whirlpool and a children's area. At the bottom of the swimming pools is 4ft. There is a suites consisting of two rooms, two full bathrooms, a fully equipped galley, a dinning area, a lounge and a large balcon.

So that was useful! And your swimsuit could get really sand on the shore. There was a breathtaking sea front. I went away long enough today to brush them and once again I came back crowded, without tp, without bed etc..

For about three hour I went to the swimming pools, still came back filthy and only gave us hand towels. 3. I also got up in the midnight and went to the galley and there were cockroaches. It was very well maintained and neat.

We' ve reserved the Ocean Vue Suite, which is thought to have a sea vist? The descriptions and videos show "2 balcony, 1 cityscape and a glimpse of the Atlantic". There is a side and a cityscape of a running outbuilding.

During the week-end we remained, so there was no problem with installation but I was really looking forward to awakening the sea. With this new edifice next to it, it's no longer a sea front. Apart from that I really loved my time in Bay Vall. Checking in on-line is a laugh.

Took at least half an hours to get checked in. That swimming hall is gross. Oceans are probably clean. The whole darkness the sound was roaring, during the days the crowd was shouting for their kids. It' a great place. A 5-star resort with restaurant, water park, pub and spas, outside Myrtle.

This is a great place to stay as a freshman in high school. The house was very tidy, large (kitchen, lounge, bath and balcony), near the promenade, but not directly in the city. There is a rotten stream, Jacuzzi and swimming pools, a terrace on the shore, Starbucks, fitness studio and outdoor pursuits (shuffleboard, gigantic horseplay, etc.).

It was different this one. When I checked in, my bedspread had spots of bleeding, the bedspread was like Cheeto spots and my washcloth had muff. We never got our room cleaned. That is the last one you will stay with BayView. Wasn' much less struck by this place. There was a lot of humidity in the swimming pools and the rooms weren't so tidy.

The only good thing about the place was its position. In my experiences I had a great stay here! We had to postpone our check-in for an hours, but it doesn't matter, they were occupied "cleaning and checking our room", but we got there on schedule at 3:00am..... it doesn't matter.

The room was tidy and I really felt like I was making my living in this place. I was just my friend and I at the motel and our room was very roomy and tidy. I would say that the swimming area was too full of insane children who kept yelling and so on, but you can't fault the resort or the children for it, just bad education.

Why is the parked level not next to or with the motel? To get to our vehicle, we had to cross the road and run through a neighbouring motel. Did the architect not remember to incorporate a multistorey multi-storey vehicle into the project? That was my second stay at this resort right on the shore.

The rooms in this motel went downhill. and the Starbucks on the first level. There' s an indoors swimming bath, but it's very dirty. There should have been a lead, beginning with the check-in procedure.

When we had completed the check-in procedure, which took some patience because their computer kept closing..... Apparently, a lady could not get her vehicle from the front door into the doorway, so she went back to the exit side and locked all the vehicles (she was just there to register, so she was one of the last to get registered and leave).

When I went to the lifts, I had to go through the swimming area. It gave me a chance to verify it. And I looked forward to their "lazy river"..... which in fact was rather a small group. For more than half an hours we were waiting for an lift on the morning we left because it seemed to stop on every level and when they came to our level, they were full.... so we eventually chose to jump on one who went up to get on one and drive it all the way up and down again.

Acoustic - the first time we were there, someone had a bash that kept us awake..... and complained, didn't do anything. There was no sound the next evening, but the children ran through the corridors - and the children in the corridor were yelled at by their mothers.

At the sunny side - the views from our room were wonderful! Situated near the promenade, we were enjoying the lovely illuminated footpath between the docks. It was great to stroll right on the water. So far this has been my favourite place to relax on myriad beaches.

Very neat furnishing; ideal for children; also for grown-ups. We' re staying one and a half nights in this motel. We had a clear room and a sea front look, but the A/C didn't work at all. It was so filthy and had a terrible aroma. I' m not recommending with your motel.

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