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Bayview Beach Resort is located on Ngapali Beach, on Burma's remote Rakhine coast. The Jade Marina Resort & Spa(Ngapali). The Bayview is one of the cheaper top-end options in Ngapali and takes up a beautiful stretch of beach. Reserve Hotel Bayview Beach Resort, Ngapali Beach and save money. The Bayview Beach Resort is a four-star boutique hotel.

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"Exzellentes Heaven on the shore! We had a large, tidy and large balcony in the garden..." "It' s very good to be able to relax there, and if you want to get back to work, the web is fine. The Bayview Resort offers air-conditioned rooms in the midst of lush greenery and has a few kilometers of promenade.

With open-air swimming pools, bicycle hire, free car park and transfer to and from the Aiport. Bayview, Bengal Bay - The Beach Resort is 35 minutes by car from Thandwe Market. You can reach Thandwe International Airports in 15 minutes. The roomy rooms, which open to the gardens or the ocean, are equipped with wooden floorboards and wooden floors.

You have your own terrace, a sitting area and a safety deposit box. There is also a community arts centre, community centre, community centre, community centre, community centre, community centre, arts gallery, library and water sports facilities.

Beach Resort | Ngapali Beach

In order for you to make the right decision, we evaluate each piece of real estate by equipment and services, but we also look for properties with a distinctive personality or a site that cannot be surpassed. All 70 cabins, bamboos, cane cabins, wicker cabins, chalets and suits are built to combine the best contemporary and classic lifestyles.

Ngapali Bay Villa and Spa is located on the beach in the lovely town of Myabyin, just 30 min from the Aiport. Demanding, calm, relaxingly - don't tell too many guests about this nice city. There are 40 bungalow and seven suite apartments and a Grand Suite with two bedrooms, perfect for the family.

Its position makes this a good choice for a brief sojourn. Located on scenic Ngapali Beach, this well-run estate has 38 large rooms in bungalowstyle, some with ocean-view.

Wonderful seaside town - Bayview review - The Beach Resort, Ngapali, Myanmar

Due to the rain in Thailand we had to make a last-minute choice to move our goal to Myanma. So, we got a visum and stayed in a last minutes room in a nice and comfortable room, just one night before the plane to Yangon. Originally I wanted to sleep in Ngapali Bay Villas & Spa, but there was no room; my mate wanted to sleep in Hilton, but I didn't want to sleep in a chained place in an tropical place and was deterred by its less than 9 ratings.

So, we spent the first overnight at the Bayview in Ngapali. Overnight in a cabin on the shore right on the shore. Best thing about the resort: The Sandoway resorts didn't.... 2. Healthy managment There are two good managing directors in this property and you hardly see the suspense between the manager and the staff.

The staff seem fortunate to work here, and we sense that as our customers. In fact, I had to go to a BKK clinic later because it didn't go away....:( I was pretty excited and had to get out of the surgery in the midst of the meeting and ask for a conversation with the IKK.

Being an enthusiastic traveller, I appreciate how hard it is to satisfy all the people in the guesthouse, and no single establishment can be managed perfectly. That is why I judge the properties by how the managers handle the topic addressed by the visitors. How you can reread my report on Sandoway Resort Managment at Bayview is quite positive towards the one at Sandoway Resort that gave the very first terrible experiance with managment at any hotel-and I remained at more than 500 Hotels in the wold-.

There is a saltwater swimming area. Face treatments at the spa: The meal included a detailed explanation of the treatments, which was not the real one. I believe they can do something more naturally and calming because they don't do facials to help enhance their skins, but to calm their sun-tired relatives.

You used a powerful ylang-face lotion that is not necessarily suitable for sun-damaged people. It was only to lift my sense of negativity about the previous facials because I thought it would be unjust for all employees to get a lower rating after all the effort they had made.

Ngapali Myanma Massage concentrates more on the feet. All in all, it is run very well by a friendly team and the whole complex works very well. So if you don't have to spend the night in a 5-star motel or have made the final choice so that there is no 5-star motel remaining, then this motel would be doing you a favour.

Simply be aware that it is neither a luxury resort nor a budget establishment, but they do their jobs in top form.

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