ZALORA Bayo Available at ZALORA Philippines The company began in the early 90s, when Bayo was founded in Makati as a custom-made company. Bayo tried to push things up in 1992, and soon after many years her fashion lines are in demand by prospective fashionists from all over the state. Every Bayo range contains a hint of delicate and delicious flavours.

Over the years, the Bayo label has grown at an exponential rate, and now Bayo is known for providing a sleek and neat look with sweaters and clothes or a laid-back and laid-back look with shirt and trousers. Bayo allows you to combine upper and lower parts that you know fit well together.

Bayo's stylish clothing range allows you to change to different lips. With Bayo gowns in natural shades, coordinated with the right type of blazers and boots, you can create a strong brand. Bayo pastel coloured shirts, bottom and gowns are a great way to express the chic and pre-ppy styli.

If you' re in a rush, you can grab a Bayo tee or a Bayo outfit. With Bayo you can be your own hairdresser by selecting from a large selection of fashionable attire. And when you have the guts to reinforce your own unique styles, do it with Bayo, now available at ZALORA.

Blend and combine style on the Palm and enjoy the comfort of a click.

Hayo for Women Online | ZALORA Philippines

It has a wide assortment of fine clothes. If you need a cool button-down gown, a glamorous outfit or a work gown, the label has them all. The Bayo Women is THE goal for all things of fashions. Store style that you can take from work to a celebration. Put on a textured sheath gown or lead cloak.

Are you looking for a hot number for an evening in the club? The skateboard gown with a transparent waistband will do! These collections are ideal for fashionists with a preference for female style. If you want to refine a very cute top or a very cute gown, the best way is to combine it with metalwork.

The other way to get this blend of cute and square would be to combine your girls wardrobe with bootees.

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