Bayin Nyi Cave

Cave of Bayin Nyi

The Bayin Nyi Caves, Hpa An Picture: Hpa-an Bayin Nyi Cave The Bayin Nyi Cave houses an extensive and extensive complex with many almost Disney-like colorful structures at the base of the steep rock. There are also warm water sources and swimming basins for men and girls. This cave is further out of the city on the way to Thaton, so not on all the usual Zwegabin routes and sees fewer people.

There is a parking lot just a few metres from the road Hpa-an to Thaton, with a few refreshment stalls and a small path leading past the swimming pool to the sanctuary area. Though not as far down as the magnificent cave shrines of Pindaya, for example, the caverns themselves are more vast than many in the area, and stretch into the hill, which is fringed with Buddha pictures.

Legendary legends associated with the cave give birth to its slang name - King's Brother Cave - as it appears that a member of the King's Brother Cave hid in this cave to avoid persecutors. Who exactly he was and who he was trying to hide from is not sure, but it is lucky that there are so many caverns in the area, as we are not sure if they would have hid someone here for a very long time.

Bayin Nyi's doorway is about halfway to Thaton, so maybe it's just convenient to come and see him if you have your own bikes. Record it if you can, but it's not an important stop.

Caves of Myanmar - Bayin Nyi Cave

The Bayin Nyi cave was known in column reading as Bingyi cave. The Temple & Oertel visited the cave in April 1892. The Temple described the site as "on the Dondami River, 51 mile away from Maulmain and 15 mile away from Thaton" At the bottom of the mound, and an ascent of 50 to 100 feet is necessary before it is reached.

The land between B'in'laing and B'inji is inundated in the rain. B'inlaing can be accessed from Maulmain by shuttle to Duinzek, 52 mile and from there three mile back by shore motor. Of course, a specific start of Maulmain could be made in B'inlaing, a fuel wood procurement centre for the ships.

However, this cave has a pit right in front of it, which is uncommon; and it is noted that this pit and the ones inside are not of old state. B'inji cave is profound and obscure and requires the use of specific light, but in the end is a basin of fresh air that is flushed with the ground, and a pit that is located so that it is illuminated by a pit in the top, or rather on the slope, according to the way of man-made illumination of the Ananda pit in Pagan and some Jain constructions in India.

The cave has a subtle reflexion, both on top and inside the swimming poolside. The Dondami and Chankaurit rivers join a few leagues above Duyinzek to create the B'in'laing River, which drops into the Salween after about 30 leagues, about 25 leagues above Muzhou. "Another explanation - In a low lighthouse 5 km from Binlaing, on the Binlaing or Dondami River, 82 km from Moulmein.

It is a large cave with large black pagoda and many pictures of the Buddha, which attracts many followers and in earlier days also Europeans. Of our 2009 I describe the mound as northwestern of Hpa An, about 23 km from the turnoff Zwa Ga Bin Mye (south of Hpa An). Dondami River lies just westwards of the hills.

There is a Temples area with a swimmingpool and a great number of sculptures of different types and colors. Stairs take you up the hillside to Bayin Nyi Cave. The cave has many colorful sculptures and Buddhas in the entry area. There is a paved road through the cave and stables on both sides of the road, some of which are clad in grey paint.

It ends in a small room with Buddhas. The cave is 207m long and goes towards NW-SE. A lot of folks came past us when we asked them, and the light went on for a while. The cave has a lot of moray mice and many maakaks that are driven out by the janitor monks if they get too near.

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