Bay View Hotel Ngapali

Hotel Ngapali

Incorporate a stay at Bayview Beach Resort for your tailor-made holiday in Myanmar. Breathtaking views of the coast are possible. Bayview Beach Resort in Ngapali Beach is presented in a series of Pettitts tailor-made tours. The Bayview The Beach Resort Book / Directions: ??

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The Bayview Beach Resort

The Bayview is a 4* hotel with easy acces to the wonderful Ngapali Beaches. The hotel has its own restaurants serving various West and East European cuisine, while the spas offer a wide selection of local and West oriental cuisine. There are a number of sports and recreational opportunities that can also be organised by the resor. Draw sprayling belongings on the central shore.

Unlike others on the shore, not a wow apartment, but a versatile large seaside resort. Oh! FOC is provided for babies under 4 years of age and 5-12 years of age are subject to contractual charges. FOC is provided for babies under 4 years of age and 4-12 years of age are billed according to their age.

Here is a choice of other great properties that also provide convenience, value and unbelievable value.

Ngapali Beach Resort, Ngapali Beach

Perfectly situated in the main tourist area of Ngapali Beach, Bayview - The Beach Resort guarantees a restful and beautiful sight. This hotel provides its clients with a wide variety of facilities and comforts. The rooms are furnished and furnished to make the guest experience the home, and some rooms have LCD/plasma TV, Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connection, non-smoking rooms, A/C.

There are various leisure facilities at the hotel. An inviting ambience and outstanding services await you during your visit to Bayview - The Beach Resort. Bayview Hotel - The costs for the Beach Resort depend on the time of year and the rates can vary greatly depending on the date. In the following chart you can see the change dynamics for the Bayview - The Beach Resort Hotel by month.

Such as, the cheapest rates - on averaging $157 - are in April, and by August Hotel Bayview - The Beach Resort costs are growing on averages up to $212.

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