Bawi in English

Wawi in English

Significance of "bawi". bawi -. bawi -. n. Recovery of losses, withdrawal.

v. bumawi', bawiin (-um-:-in) for recovery. A contextual translation of "pang bawi" into English.

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Filipino headlines: On Friday, the Filipino leader said to the families of 44 policemen who had been murdered during an anti-terrorist mission that he recognized their losses. Filipino Action Force (SAF) members who have been murdered by Filipino Action Force member Benigno Aquino will give a speeches in front of the coffers.....

Beijing/Reuters - Resource-rich Mongolia on Friday arrested an US and two Filipinos for more than five years after they were found to have been convicted of fiscal fraud, and ended a three-year case that.... MILILA: Filipino President Benigno Aquino promised equity to the homes of 44 members of the armed forces who were murdered by Moslem insurgents during a bungled anti-terrorist mission when he headed a tribute on Friday (Jan....

Diego Granizo, former Commercial Strategy and Operations Director of Coca-Cola Germany, has recently been named Philippine General Manager. MANILA, Philippines รข" The Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) is looking for the boyfriends and family of a 63-year-old Filipino in China who sustained a heart attack last November and.....

Pennants were flying on Friday in the Philippines with half the personnel as the nations watched a funeral for 44 policing units dead in a catastrophic operations in the Muslim southern part of the state. Philippines mourn the death of 44 commands murdered in a specific anti-terrorist mission.

English to Cebuano dictionary and thesaurus.

Confiscation of the appropriation of something by judicial procedure. n. 2. Resumption again; "The writer here resumes an old idea" ~ succeeds in depicting or expressiveising something immaterial; "capturing the essence of spring"; "capturing an idea" v. (possession)5. Reconquest, reconquest; "Recapture of the fugitive prisoner" ~ Arrest, capturing, success in capturing or confiscating, especially after a persecution; "We have at last captured the suspect"; "Have you captured the criminal?

She got many pictures of her uncle"; "You bought a new pet"; "Get your results the next day"; "Get a few working hours off"; ~ seize something instead of a loan pay.

Recovery, recycling (materials from wastes). She has kept the old photos of the families in a drawer" v. 3. reclaiming, rectification, correction, regeneration, lead or compulsion to give up a false or bad curriculum vitae, to behave and to choose the right one.

The Church has transformed me"; "The Church has transformed me"; "Your behaviour has transformed me" ~ changing, changing, changing, changing, changing, changing; changing; "The emergence of the car may have transformed the growing patterns of the city"; "The debate has transformed my way of thought about the subject"; "Seeing, straightening, improving the light"; "The idle pupil has pledged to transform himself"; "The accustomed fraudster has at last seen the light" ~ moralizing, moralizing the morality of. v.

from a futile or uncultured state; "the nation has recovered the swamps" ~ turn the natures, purposes or functions of something; "transform leads into gold"; "transform hotel into prisons"; "transform servants into workers" v. (change)5. The emergence of the car may have transformed the town';'The debate has transformed my way of thought about the subject' ~ breaking in, subservient, obeying or making it useful.

It was difficult to brake the horse"; "I collapsed into the new apprentice" ~ domesticating, tamemake ready for cultivating, living at home and serving people; "The animal was long ago domesticated"; "The animal was subdued and developed into a pet dog" v. (possession)1. Refund, reimbursement or compensation (someone), as for a los.

Remuneration, compensation, indemnification, indemnification; indemnification; "My endeavours were not remunerated" v. (possession)2. rest, recreate, recover, rest, make up for or make up for your losses" ~ purchase, get something specific or abstracted; "she got many pictures of her uncle"; "you got a new pet"; "get your results the next day"; "get a few working hours off" ~ make up for work that was neglected by absences at a later date.

"3 "3. deduction, refund, retention and non-payment of payment; "My employers are subject to tax at source" ~ retained; "Can I keep my old soft toys?

She has received many pictures from her uncle"; "You have purchased a new pet"; "You have purchased a new pet"; "Get your results the next day"; "Get a few working hours off" ~ Get an account or a memory stick; as information on a computer. to recover, to find after the search; to find the place of something that has been forgotten or gone missing; "Have you found your glass?

"I can' t find my gloves" v. (body)2. Recovery, recovery, recovery, recovery from a disease or injury; "The recovery of the patient" ~ gaining vitality, becoming awake, lively, percolating, absorbing or regaining power; "After a nap" ~ quickly snapping back; "After the operation the recovery of the client in a few days" ~ recovery to good physical state.

Improving, improving, improving, improving, getting better; "The climate has brightened towards evening" v. (change)3. shrinking, recovering, regaining an earlier state after a monetary deficit; "We anticipate shares to bounce back to $2. 90 "; "The firm made it to recover" ~ retroverting, undoing, undoing, undoing, returning, returning to an earlier state; "We returned to the old rules" ~ undoing, returning to an earlier state; "The outcast enthusiast soon gathered and made new friends"; "The equity markets gathered" v. (Contact)4.

Recovering a chair" ~ masking; "masking its face with a handkerchief"; "masking the baby with a blanket"; "masking the tomb with flowers" v. (Communication)1. withdrawing, shrinking back, pulling away from a fountain of revulsion or anxiety. She twitched, twitched, twitched, twitched, shrunk, shrank, shrank, squeaked back, as in anxiety or sorrow; "she twitched as she showed the slaughter of the calf" v. (Contact)3. pulled back, pulled back, pulled back a sacral device to keep it open (the margins of a cut or organ).

Pulling in, pulling in, pulling in or into a middle; "The flight attendant pulled in the undercarriage"; "The feline pulled in its claws" ~ pulling in, pulling in, pulling in, pulling in, attracting itself or itself with the help of psychologic strength or bodily characteristics.

Their good looks attracts the eyes of many men"; "The ad attracts many prospective customers"; "This piano player attracts enormous crowds"; "The shopkeeper was glad that the ad attracted many new customers" ~ attracts, attracts, attracts, attracts, attracts, attracts directly to himself or herself through some psychic forces or bodily attributes. Here are a few examples: "The shopkeeper was glad that the ad attracted many new customers" ~.

"Retrieverun picked up the guard afterwards, picked him up and brought him to the champion. ; "train the hound to retrieve" v. (Contact)2.

Retrieverun after, collect and take to the masters; "Train the Dog to Retrieve" ~ get, take, get, get, transport or after come and take or take back; "Bring me the book over there, please"; "Could you get the wine? "retrievego for and bring back."

"3 "3. call back, call up, remind, rember, remember, remind, rember, retrieve, think, bring back information from the mind; have a reminder; "I can't seem to have remembered saying something like that"; "I can't seem to rember what her last name was"; "Do you know her number? Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes, misdeeds due to poor judgement or lack of awareness or inattentiveness; "he made a serious mistake"; "she quickly pointed out my mistakes"; "I could speak his English despite his grammar mistakes" ~ deck of deck of cards, deck of deck made out of playing-maps. v. (competition)2.

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