Baw Baw Gyi Pagoda

The Baw Baw Gyi Pagoda

The Bawbawgyi Pagoda is one of the earliest examples of a Burmese pagoda. Prome and Sri Csetra Information Pyay, one of Myanmar's many ancient capital cities (pronounced "Pyee" and known as Prome in settlement times), is a tranquil, stupa-covered city on the banks of the Irawaddy about 290 kilometers upstate. Situated in the center of the city, Shwesandaw Pagoda is one of Myanmar's largest places of worship and provides a panorama view of the Mt.

In the vicinity are also the antique pyu capitol Sri Ksetra, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Akauk Taung's (Customs Hill) Buddha rock sculptures on the Irrawaddy riverbank. A larger choice of pictures of the city can be found in our Pyay picture gallery. Situated on the Yangon Strait in the city of Shvedaung, this sanctuary is a singular and strange inquisitiveness; it is said that prayer to this Buddha picture can heal illnesses, especially - and not surprisingly - those associated with the eye.

The old remnants of Sri Ksetra are located to the west of Pyay, which in Sanskrit means "city of splendour". Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, the site focuses on the remnants of the King's Palazzo, and although not much of the pristine town is left, there are a number of graves, fortresses, marble towers and other places of worship to discover - among them the vast, cylindrically walled Baw Baw Baw Gyi Pagoda, considered the oldest Buddhaist memorial in Myanmar; the Rahanta Cave Pagode; the Lay Myet Hna and the

In order to get to Sri Ksetra, you must take a bike, motorcycle or cab from the center of Pyay. It is signposted on the major street that runs 8 km eastwards from Pyay and from the street you can see the old ramparts. First, visit the central area of the site (entrance K5000), which contains a series of objects and reliquaries from the rest of the site, which are kept safe - with useful English language context.

A larger choice of pictures from the surrounding area can be found in our Sri Ksetra picture-book. The Akauk Taung is a picturesque place southwest of Pyay, where a dozen of Buddha paintings have been engraved into the rock faces with a view of the Irrawaddy. In order to get to Akauk Taung you have to rent a motorcycle or take a cab from Pyay to Htone Bo (Tonbo) - a drive of about two afternoons.

When you can, it is a good practice to download a map to your mobile with Wi-Fi in Pyay and then use your own navigation system, as there are no streetboards. Htone Bo is another 30 minute drive by ferry to Akauk Taung (there is usually a lot to rent on the riverbank).

Following the riverbank and coming near Akauk Taung, the Buddhas hewn into the rocks become more and more magnificent until you get to a landing stage where you can take a trail to a pagoda and a convent overlooking the Irrawaddy and far across the far meadows.

A larger choice of pictures of the rocks and the pagoda can be found in our Akauk Taung picture gallery. SHWESANDAW Pagoda Festival is held in February or March in Pyay and is celebrating the annual opening of the Holy Dental Hospital, which is said to contain a Buddha Toothrelic. Pyay is sixh from Yangon and therefore a long round voyage, so it is best to continue to Bagan or Mandalay.

When you are on a trip or travel with your own means of transportation, you can visit Akauk Taung on the west side of Yangon. A number of Visa- and Mastercard-enabled ATM machines are available in downtown Pyay, among them a CB Bank ATM in the lobby of the Lucky Dragon Hotel on Strand Road.

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