The city of Batam is the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. So if you are looking for a weekend stay in Indonesia, this is a great place to be. The Batam is a small but busy island in Indonesia with almost one million inhabitants. Excellent availability and reasonable prices for holidays in Batam, Indonesia.

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Mounting Batam Citys, top right to top left: Front of Batam Great Mosque, Town Hall House, Batam Central Cityscape and a bustling street inside. For the first time since the year 231 A.D. Batam Iceland was populated by the Malays as Orang. Admiral Hang Nadim once used the oil reserve to fight the intruders, it was used by the Sambu authorities in the sixties as an oil logistic hub.

Batam Island was originally intended to be an Indonesian edition of Singapore in the 1970' s. According to Presidential Decree No. 41 of 1973, Batam Island was referred to as the working area in the Batam Island Industry Zone in 1973, sponsored by the Batam Island Industry Developing Authority or better known as the Batam Authority Board (BOB) as the engine of Batam growth.

Today the name is changed to Batam Evolution Board (Indonesian: Badan Pengusahan Batam or BP Batam). As Batam developed rapidly in the 1980', on the basis of the 1983 Decree No. 34, the Batam District, which is part of the Riau Islands Council, was transformed into the Batam Community in the 1980's. The Batam Community performs the tasks of administering the Batam Authority (BP Batam) and supports the BP Batam Authority.

At the time of Batam reforms in the end of the 90s, with Law No. 53 of 1999, the Batam administration transformed its legal structure into an independent community, the government of Batam City, in order to perform government and development tasks with the involvement of the Batam Authority Board (BP Batam). The Batam is an approximately ovally shaped islet with many coves, small islands and half islands, western of Bintan Iceland, southern of Singapore, northern of Rempang and Galang and eastern of Bulan Iceland.

Riau Strait divides Batam and Bintan. The municipality of Batam comprises 3,990 km², of which 1,040 km is country, a number which also contains some measures of gaining ground. Barelang (not really one, but three, see above) comprises about 715 km of this 1,040 km², and Batam itself only about 410 km of the area.

Most of the urban inhabitants live on the Batam Isle. Batam City Government's mission is to take charge of the entire demographic management and registry system as well as the human resources department. With the realization of democracy and continuance of leadership in Batam City. January 5, 2011 saw the elections of the Batam Lord Major and Vice Lord Major.

By means of an ordered and safe procedure she was chosen and set up Ahmad Dahlan and Muhammad Rudi as mayors and deputy mayors of Batam from 2011-2016. At present, Batam occupies mayor of Muhammad Rudi for the 2016-2021 mayor, escorted by Amsakar Ahmad as deputy mayor of Batam. The Agency for Free Trade Area and Free Port Batam, or often shortened as BP Batam, is a governing agency under the chairmanship of the Board of Regions (DK) Batam Central government, which is headed by Darmin Nasution, Coordinating Minister of Economy.

Batam BP participates in the management of lands and investments in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Batam. By April 2012, Batam had a resident of 1,153,860. Today Batam is populated by a mixed mix of labour immigrants and the wish to be near Singapore; it is very varied, about 2/3 of the overall number are immigrants.

It is a commune with the theme "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" (unity in diversity). Batam's position near Singapore is favourable to the evolution of the economical, socio-political and culture aspect of the area. The Islam is the main religious group in Batam, followed by Christians, Buddhists and Hinduism.

Batam's Great Mosque, situated in the centre of the town next to the central plaza, the Mayor's House and the Parliament, is an important symbolic of Batam's Muslim faith. Christendom and Catholicism are also widely accepted by the Batamese, especially by the Batak villagers of Sumatra and the immigrants from Flores, who also come from East Indonesia.

There are a number of villas in Batam, of which Vihara Duta Maitreya is one of the most visited and, with an area of 4.5 ha, the biggest villa in Southeast Asia. The Indonesian is the lingua franca of Batam in everyday use. Malaian, Minangkabau, Batak, Javanese and Mandarin and English are also used due to the impact of Singapore, especially by Batam emigrants, and the use of Mandarin and English is also in vogue.

Locally located harbours link the cities of Singapore and Bintan and offer services to Johor Bahru (Malaysia). There are five boat service points on the island: Nongsapura Harbour, Nongsapura Harbour, Sekupang, Waterfront City and Batam Centre International ferry terminals. The Singapore Cruise Centre (SCC) operates the Harbourfront and Tanah Merah ferry kiosks to Singapore.

The Trans Batam is the most dependable and least expensive local transport in Batam. The Trans Batam is the second BRT system in Indonesia, after Jakarta's TransJakarta. The Trans Batam begins its journey from 05:30 to 19:00. rans Batam operates 5 routes of the route: Taxis in Batam are available almost everywhere, at boat terminal, airports, commercial centres, airports, etc.

There are more than 3000 taxis in Batam. During the early 2000s, Batam usually had Toyota Corolla taxis. By the end of 2013, more than 95% of taxis are new with the Toyota Limo and Chevrolet Lova. The Hang Nadim International is the most important international aerodrome on the Indonesian islands and has the longest airstrip of any Indonesian aerodrome.

At the end of 2016, BP Batam, which runs Hang Nadim International Airport, will be building a new 8 million passenger per year passenger facility for each airport (16 million passenger per year for a combined 2 terminals). Batam has set itself the goal of building 8 pair of jet bridges in the new Bataminal.

"Urbanisation and pattern of town planning". BP Batam: 45-year Batam evolution. Indonesia's president opens the Batam free zone. "Occurrence with the Batam ferry: "People have taken care of themselves"." Happening with the Batam Ferry: Shut up in the batam immigrant line or be sent home. The loud passengers of the tracking station could be DEPORTERED if they even speak a loud voice while waiting in the lines of the immigrant authorities".

Indonesia Airport. Batam is losing 800 hectares of its mangrove forest. Batam mangrove forest is shrinking in size. Commons Wikimedia has related Batam related news items.

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