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Explore Bassein, Ayeyarwady, Burma with the help of your friends. A. Raphael & Sons, Bassein, Myanmar. McMANUS: Ragon, Miss Alta O.

, Bassein, Burma. Shwegyin, Burma.

Shop of A. Raphael & Sons, Bassein, Myanmar (Burma) A| Archive

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After " Almost Englishmen " von Ruth Fredman Cernea (Lexington Book : 2006).

Yearbook of the Northern Baptist Assembly

For 1909-40 the American Baptist Home Mission Society and the American Baptist Publication Society; for 1910-40 the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society and the Woman's American Baptist Home Mission Society; 1912-40 de l'American Baptist Historical Society ; für 1914-40 de la Woman's Baptist Foreign Missionary Society und der Woman's Baptist Foreign Missionary Society of the West, die 1915 zur Woman's American Baptist Foreign Mission Society fusionierten.

Basssein River with Chief Comr's steamer'Irrawaddy'.

Photo of the Bassein riverbank (Pathein) with the steamship of Chief Inspector'Irrawaddy' in Burma (Myanmar), taken by an unidentified photo artist around 1880. Bassein is the westernmost part of the Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady) stream in Burma's Burmese deltas and flows into the Andaman Sea near the Bassein harbour.

Irrawaddy Flotilla Company steamships travelled the Rangoon-Bassein waterway. Bassein County became part of British Burma in 1852, and the steamship was an officer ship used by the Chief Commissioner of Burma, Charles Umpherston Aitchison, between 1882 and 1887.

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Convent and pit in Pathein, Irrawaddy Division, Myanmar (Burma). Rouby-week fact The Burmese kings name was'Lord of Rubies' because he had claimed all 6-carat and above Ruby for himself. Explains why there is no longer a Burmese monarch. Printed from the old Shrine of the Great Bell & Shan Page in Rangoon, Burma.

Myanmar is an exporter of large amounts of shellfish. Burmese writer: This photo was taken around 1899 by the photographs H.W. Watts and F.A.E. Skeen, who had a recording room at Sule Pagoda Road 2. It seems to be an old picture card of a scenery near the Swedish Pagoda in Rangoon.

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