Bassein Beach Reviews

Basssein Beach Reviews

The Vasai beach or Suruchi beach is nearby. Time to visit, Bassein Beach photos, reviews, attraction & activities. Bassein Fort, Thane on TripAdvisor:

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It was my fifth time at West Palm Beach and so far I thought it was one of the clearest, most remote and better administered places in the Mumbai-Thane area, but my last journey, which I had scheduled with my hosts on April 23, 2014, turned my mind. Once we had payed our starting money, we were told that the venue would not be serving booze due to the current election, but we were not looking forward to it as it was a remote place inside the premises of Lasai, as we had already payed the starting money.

At the front desk we were informed that we would serve our breakfasts at 9.00 am (we arrived at 8.30 am), but also after 9.00 am. 3 pm we didn't see any breakfasts. As I was with my ancestors, the children were very starving, so I had to speak to the owners of the resorts who were present that night (our happiness favored us) and he made sure that breakfasts were delivered within the next 15-20 mins.

Thus the breakfasts began around 9.45 o'clock. As it was an Elections Open they didn't expect a lot of people, so it seemed as if they had never taken the trouble to work on the morning meal (even after they had charged us the full starting fee). All we got was a badly prepared luncheon, just called a Mediterranean cuisine.

Had I immediately objected about this and they let me know that in another tenmins they are serving us upma (another South Indian court). Later we ( "my family") were serving Chole Bature (North India dish). As we asked for cloths and cetchup, we were asked they didn't like it. So I had to involve the proprietor again, who then explained that he was providing the same services and taking immediate precautions.

After we finished our breakfasts, we went to the swimming pools. Once when I came out of the swimming bath, the waitress came to me and asked if I wanted to order the beverage. but he said the place is open.

and we both went to the pub just to find out the place isn't open. To the barman I said that your personnel had notified that the beverages were available, and he declined to believe me that they had put up a bulletin boar outside that the beverages would not be permitted today because of voting time.

We were aware of the plank, however, when their own personnel states that the stab they are open what we are to do. Then the barkeeper phoned the barman and to everyone's amazement he still said that we serve the beverages. As the barkeeper yelled at the waiters today, they do not serve the beverages and they have put out a bulletin boards outside the waiters astonishment and explain that he has not been reading the one?

Dinner was not as good as expected.

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