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Location Bassein Beach

A white sandy beach, bordered by the sea and palm trees on both sides, is a perfect place for weekend excursions and walks. It' very similar to the sultry Indian beach state of Goa. There is no doubt that the palm trees that surround the beach contribute to its scenic splendour. The disambiguation page lists articles about different geographical locations with the same name. Locate hotels in Bassein Fort with the location, star rating and facilities you need.

Top 12 beaches in Maharashtra

The first thing that comes to your minds when you heard the name'Maharashtra'? However, you know that Maharashtra is also loved for a multitude of compelling shores that stretch from Dahanu in the north to Goa in the South. With a 720km long Arabic Ocean scandal, Maharashtra has some amazing sandy and adventure beach offers everything from windsurfing and sandy bathing to snorkelling, birdwatching and genuine cuisine.

Maharashtra's beach is far away from the crazy crowds of Maharashtra towns and offers a wide range of thrilling aquatic pursuits, sunbathing, beach hiking, etc. The most important feature of the Maharashtra beach are the historic fortresses near the beach, which marks the story of the Maratha population.

People, makes it a point to go to the fortresses near the beach as part of a holiday for the whole group. Mumbai, one of India's most beloved towns and of course the centre of Maharashtra, also includes many beautiful shores such as Juhu Beach, Chowpatty Beach, Madh Island Beach and Alibag Beach.

Although some of these are relatively overcrowded, there is something on the Mumbai beach that attracts visitors to it. As one of the best choices for Mumbai sight-seeing and popular week-end vacation spots, the lovely and breathtaking Maharashtra beach can make your journey enjoyable and exciting.

These are some of the most sought-after Maharashtra beach that you will need to explore during your stay on this stunning continent. The Ganapatipule is not like other beloved Maharashtra sandy areas that are overcrowded and overcrowded! Instead, it is aesthetically and scenically attractive and is considered one of the best in Maharashtra and is set in the midst of nature's beauties such as shimmering water, shimmering palm trees, unspoiled fresh breezes, pure sand, mangrove trees and palm trees.

Situated on the Konkan coastline, Ganapatipule beach is an ideal refuge for many visitors who want to enjoy the tranquillity and tranquillity of the wide Arabian Sea and the wide sandy beaches. Favourite tourist sites in and around the beach: Swayambhu Tempel (self-made) Ganesh is one of the most beloved tourist attraction in and around Ganapatipule Beach, which is frequented daily by many visitors to show tribute to this great gods.

Travellers can also go to Malgund town, where the renowned Marathi writer Keshavsut was born to experience the beauties of the Shastri River, which has its own tranquil beach lined with coconuts. Dahanu Bordi Beach stretches along the coastline of Thane, 145 km from Mumbai, renowned for its Chikoo fruit gardens, which are available in large numbers.

In order to get to this wonderful beach goal, one must journey over the Sahyadri mountains and the coast of the Arabian Sea with its fruit yards and floral gardenouch. Bordi Beach is half an hour's car ride from Dhanu, which is also characterised by Casurina shrubs, palm tree forests, and Chikoo fruit garden.

Favourite tourist sites in and around the beach: Dahanu Bordi Beach is a great place for those interested in aquatic adventures, offering sporting pursuits such as glider, trek, hang gliding, and more. Situated in India's'dream city' Mumbai......Juhu is one of the most beloved and classy Maharashtra beach, known for its cuisine such as bohelpuri (Indian snacks) and chats at the beach-booths.

Many Bollywood famous people are living near this wonderful beach and are often seen strolling by the sea. One of the busiest in Maharashtra, Juhu has everything from horseback riding and donkeys riding to some of the most popular Mumbai treats, allowing visitors to enjoy the games of crime and filming that often take place here.

Situated in the northern part of Versova, Mumbai's biggest hummingbird (fishing community). With gorgeous chalets, luxury lodgings and flats, Juhu looks like a chain of diamonds at noon. Favourite tourist sites in and around the beach: Yoo-hoo is surrounded by luxury hotel and restaurant and if you want to please your palate with delicious Italien cuisine, then Little Italy, Mangi Ferra, Don Giovanni and Penne are some good Italien restaurant.

You can also go to a number of discos and bars near Juhu Beach. Gandhi Gram is also a place on Juhu Beach where the kids meet to spend their summers enjoying games such as hockey, soccer and squat. Harihareshwar Beach, which has been corroded along the Konkan boundary in Maharashtra, is known for its quiet and picturesque ambience, ideal for a quiet beach-holidays.

Harihareshwar is a quiet city with smooth breezes, smooth sand and unspoilt coastline, and still picturesque monuments of the Kingdom of Maratha. It is the ideal place for those who enjoy relaxation such as sunbathing, sunbathing, beach hiking, Yoga and retreat.

Favourite tourist sites in and around the beach: The Harihareshwar Beach Shriwardhan is equipped with numerous fine dining options offering delicious dishes such as fresh crab, lobster and other shellfish, as well as the merger of Konkani & Maharashtrain cooking. Maratha also offers boating trips to help travellers discover the wonderful country where Peshwa or the Maratha Kingdom's premier lived.

Mandwa and Kihim Beach are the ideal place for those looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy some free moments away from the commotion. Only 10 km from Mumbai, these beautiful sandy areas are lined with thick palm groves, abundant plants, butterfly and bird life, making it even more attractive for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their stay.

This beach's environmentally friendly verdant surroundings attract tourism from all corners of the land and give you a long, stunning ocean and gateway overlook. Favourite tourist sites in and around the beach: Situated in the heart of wonderful palm trees, the quiet Mandwa hamlet is situated directly on the beach, where you can experience the uniqueness of the life of the people there.

Tenting in Kihim is another of the attractions that make Mandwa and Kihim Beach one of the most sought after in Mumbai. The Kolaba Fort, Chaul, a historical site with remnants from Portugal, Buddhist caves, Hamam Khana, a chapel, a sanctuary and a synaagogue surrounding the Mandwa and Kihim beach.

Do you plan a trip to Mumbai? Well, if so, make Madh Island Beach a must see goal. Madh Island is a lovely country place, but it is very pleasant to hike along the towns that belong to the fishers. In contrast to many other Mumbai sands, this is one of the clearest as it is encircled by mangrove trees, further enhancing its natural beauties.

Surrounded by a group of small towns and farm landscapes on the northwest shore of Mumbai, this beautiful beach offers several possibilities for accommodation, dining andspa. Favourite beach and surrounding attractions: Erangal on Madh Island Beach is a favourite touristic destination that offers the peasantry a glimpse of the town.

Madh Fort', also known as'Versova Fort', is another place near the beach that draws a large number of people. Finally, St. Bonaventure, an old Portuguese rebuilt temple, is another of the attractions surrounding Madh Island Beach in Mumbai. The other best place in Mumbai is the beach of Marve Manori and Gorai, which draws many visitors thanks to the magnificent view of sundown.

Beautifully sculpted, these three minute sandy spots are more popular than anything else for their nocturnal beach partying. Also known as Borivali, a small fishermen's town, Manori and Gorai are wonderful sandy areas populated by humans, especially on full moons.

There is no favourite tourist spot near these picturesque shores except for a few bars and a few bars. 6 km from Malvan and 546 km from Mumbai on the shores of Maharashtra lies the unspoilt Tarkarli beach, with high Suru and the Karli River.

Tarkarli Beach's waters are very clear and look even more scenic with wonderful sailing boats in the background. You can do a variety of things like aquatic activities, snorkeling, diving, beach hiking, sunbathing, sunbathing, etc. and discover the surrounding sights and beacons. Favourite tourist sites in and around the beach:

Near Tarkarli Beach there are many things to see. Sangam Devbag, Vengurla Rock, Karli Backwater, Dhamapur Lake, Bhagwati Temples, Rameshwar, Jay Ganesh and Bhogve Beach are some of the sights around Tarkarli Beach.

Velneshwar Beach is a must for tourists in the Mumbai area, perfect for sun bathing and bathing. Situated in the northern part of the Shastri River, this wonderful beach is far away from the hectic pace of the town. It offers a quiet and unspoilt environment for those who love the outdoors.

Favourite tourist sites in and around the beach: The Velneshwar Beach is also known for an old Shiva temple, which is often frequented by visitors and travellers. The Vengurla Malvan is the best place for a holiday in Maharashtra, set in mango, cashew, coconut and jackfruit palm groves and coated with smooth snow.

The beach of Vengurla, located in the old city of Malvan, is almost hid by palm trees and is known for its saltpans, the traditional ceramic tiles from China and the particular Malvanian kitchen, which is different from the Konkan cook. Favourite tourist sites in and around the beach: The Shri Devi Sateri Temple and Rameshwar Mandir are favourite places that are frequented by many people.

A of Mumbai's most beloved tourism destinations, Marine Drive, also known as Queen's Necklace, is the artery of Mumbai, where natives stay to relieve the workload of their otherwise bustling lives. Marine Drive is on the outskirts of Chowpatty Beach, a favourite venue for several hinduistic worship events such as the yearly threadbinding ceremonial, Nariel-Purnima and Ganesh Chaturthi Immersion.

The Chowpatty Beach is also known for stands selling Bhelpuri, Kulfi and Paan and the Nana-Nani Park for the older population. It is an excellent place for those who enjoy gentle outdoor pursuits such as hiking, sunbathing, relaxation and enjoyment of traditional food. Favourite tourist sites in and around the beach: There are many tourist sites such as the 5-star Hotel Oberoi, Hotel Taj, Gateway of India and many shops and shops that line this area.

Bassein Beach is 77km from Mumbai and is a quiet place reminiscent of India's most tropical beach state, Goa. A less overcrowded beach resort, this is one of the best week-end destinations around Mumbai, offering everything from teal clear water and smooth golden sand to thick woods of thick branches and groves of palms and exquisite portugese cuisine.

Favourite tourist sites in and around the beach: There' s a whole host of things to see on Bassein Beach! You can see buddhistic relicts in Nalasopara, 10 km from Bassein, Vajreshwari Temple, Akloli Spring, Sadguru Nityanand Maharaj Samadhi Mandir in Ganeshpuri, Bhimeshwar Temple and some Portuguese church in Bassein.

Maharashtra has something for every beach enthusiast, from the quietest and quietest to the most thrilling and adventure. Would you like to experience the splendour of these tropical shores? Planning an exhilarating beach holiday in Maharashtra and discover its beauties all by yourself....... Travel is a thing that immediately enlightens the ghost of Priyadarshini, who was borne in the "City of Dreams" Mumbai and travelled with her father, who was serving the Indian Navy, in seaside towns like Visakapatnam, Kochi, Chennai and Goa.

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