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Basssein est une destination invitante qui a quelque chose pour tout le monde. Some sights give an impression of Bassein's cultural heritage : Shoremokhtav Pagoda et Tar Wa Tein Thar Pagoda. There' s tellement de choses à voir, y compris des attractions comme celles-ci : Whether you are on a business trip or on holiday, Bassein has the right accommodation for every type of visitor.

Inwards from Bassein, il y a 2 hôtels et sur vous trouverez 338 offres de chambres, certaines avec des réductions allant jusqu'à 50%. Here you will find a selection of hotels rated by stars in Bassein and the surrounding area : Recommended sights include :

Basssein Beach - Bassein Beach Maharashtra

The Maharashtra India

Basssein Beach is located in Bassein, about 50 to 60 km from the Mumbai Maharashtra area. Today the magnificent beach is one of the main tourist attraction of the cityscape. Bassein's wonderful blend of historic and spiritual beauties of nature could never be completed without the magnificent beach that attracts from afar.

Baseein Beach's beach of sand is ideal for relaxing or aimless strolls. There is no doubt that the palms that surround the beach contribute to its splendour. Situated near the Indian town of Mumbai, the beach has become one of the most favourite places for picnics for its inhabitants.

The beach is the ideal way to get away from the tension of everyday living and enjoy time with your loved ones. Baseein was used by the Portuguese as a ship-building location in the early-1700s. Only here did they lose control to the marathas in 1739.

This fortress, which the Portuguese constructed at the moment of their domination of the beach, can still be seen today. There are a number of other places in Bassein to visit in addition to the beach, such as the fortress and a number of wonderful cathedrals.

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