Bassein Beach

Basssein Beach

Locate all the tourist information about Bassein Beach and plan your trip. Basssein Beach is one of the most beautiful and quietest beaches of Maharashtra. Basssein Beach | Bassein Beach Tourism travel guide I' m the beach of Bassein, and I' m especially renowned among the tourists for the quiet surroundings and the beautiful landscape I am offering them. I am 77 kilometres from the capital Mumbai. Sometimes one compares the beach of Bassein with the muggy beach of India, which lies in Goa.

There is a large selection of woods around Bassein Beach, made up of ridges of palms and twigs, which make me something really unique among the guests.

Nalasopara is also a nice place at a 10 km radius from me, the beach of Bassein, which is mainly frequented by visitors. The best time of year to explore Bassein Beach is November to March, as the weather here is chilly during these winters. The monsoon begins from July to September on Bassein beach.

The beach of Bassein gets moderately rain during the month of monsun. The beach of Bassein has a very warm weather and a higher average of 33° C.

This is how to get to Bassein Beach by car

Situated about 50 to 60 km from Mumbai, Bassein Beach is a beautiful beach and also a place of outstanding historic and faith. It is a marvellous place for weekends and walking on a beach of sand, delimited by the ocean and rows of palms on both sides. Bassein Beach is situated near Mumbai and can be accessed by car, rail and plane.

Also known as Vasai, Bassein is only 60 km from Mumbai and is easy to reach by taxi. There are also mountain busses available from almost all parts of Mumbai to Vasai. The drive from Mumbai to Vasai should not take longer than an hours and a half, but as the Western Express Highway is sometimes busy, it can take longer.

You can also reach Vasai from Thane via Ghodbunder Road. Travelling to Bassein Beach by rail is also simple, as Vasai is the closest S-Bahn stop and is accessible from Churchgate, Andheri and Dadar by a Virar or Dahanu commuterrain. Vasai railway terminal has both state transportation busses and car Rickshaw cars available for an economical way to get around.

From Andheri it can be a better option, as it is also the closest railway terminus to the Mumbai Internacionalport. Khatrapati Shivaji Shiji Internacional Aiport Mumbai is the closest internacional port to Vasai and visitors arriving by plane from anywhere in the wide open spaces of the globe can get to Bassein Beach by taking a Dadar or Andheri rail or by car via the Western Express Highway, whatever they find convenient.

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