Frühgeschichte[edit]>> Basssein and the seven Bombay Isles were later abandoned by a trade and peaceful agreement between Bahadur Shah and Nuno da Cunha on 25 October 1535. The reporting timeframe ranges from 1518 to 1818, i.e. from the era when the Portuguese were actively interested in the Bassein region to the downfall of the marathas, when Bassein became devastating.

"Discoveries, Navigations and Conquests of the Portuguese in India, from 1505 to 1539". Comments on the ancient and historical past of Chaul and Bassein. Machado, Dolcy M (29 April 2011). Historical and militaristic significance of the mediaeval Basseins and its area. A 16th-century answer to the Portuguese.

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Basssein has many interesting tales to tell from a historic perspective, and the legacy will have much to expect and find out more about how the marathas sieged the Portugueses in 1739. You can also enjoy the deliciousness of Portugal, prepared and prepared by the local people of the area to make a livelihood.

Situated on the north shore of Vasai Creek, at the estuary of the Ulhas River. Bassein is also an excellent place with cosy rooms equipped with all the comforts. Be sure to bring a handheld or any other convenient camcorder to catch the views of this area.

Bassein is one and a half hour from the main city of Maharastra due to its proximity to Mumbai. The Western Express Highway is busy from time to time, so it may take longer on these dates to get to Bassein. You can also get to Bassein from Thane via Ghodbunder Road.

From Mumbai to Bassein or Vasai from different parts of the town, you can take Bassein Beach by rail from Dadar or Andheri rail in Mumbai or by car via the Western Express Highway.

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